Crazy protesting cyclists

It might look like I stumbled onto a mass bike accident but (believe it or not) this evening as I was heading home from work, a group of at least a hundred cyclists (they seemed that many) all rode up to a junction by Euston Station, got off their bikes and lay on the ground! Why? The placards some people held said they were opposed to the rise in university fees. Quite an innovative way of protesting methinks. The police appeared pretty quickly and got rid of them but I have to say it was fun to watch, despite the fact that I couldn’t get home because of their stupidity. Only in London :-).

PS – See why it’s good to avoid the tube and get on a bus – you’d never see this type of scene trapped underground.

  1. Turns out it was a climate change protest – the placard I read must have been an opportunist university fees protester amongst the others. I’ve included a link to a news article on why and what happened yesterday –

  2. Sooooo, why DON’T you take heed of their protest, screw using buses & hop on the Barclay renta-cycles like i suggested XD

    • I refuse to be associated with the crazy protesters! No! Plus you know I’ll fall off the bike in ten seconds. You just want me to do this for your amusement.

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