Answer to the milk moustache question

This is a special entry in response to Caramel D’s question about how to get a milk moustache. Simple. You draw it on.

  1. uuummm Why not just drink a giant glass of milk? (sigh) God the movie industry is so fake it’s appalling….(Roflmao)

    • Because it still wouldn’t work. Probably would if it came fresh from a cow on a farm but not by the time its pasteurized and bottled and sold to the overworked runner on the film set who has to go buy it. There is a clip online of Rupert Grint downing a fairly large glass of milk and even then, no moustache.

  2. ………so why didn’t they get the cow & set & get it fresh then (Lmao)

  3. I feel a little bit cheated! Hmmm 😉

    • The wonderful world of make-believe, never trust these people.

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