Now I’m a believer

Up until last week, whenever anyone talked to me about taking vitamins daily I would laugh and give a lengthy speech on how I didn’t think supplements worked. Like most adults trying to lead a healthy life I had tried taking some in the past but instead of rejuvenating me, I felt physically sick and/or ravenous. Almost like my body was rebelling against the meds. And I hadn’t even been scrimping; I had gone for the all singing and dancing pricey tablets which claimed to be better than all the other brands. Huge disappointments all round.

But then three weeks ago, for some strange reason I was discussing health issues with a client on a project I’m currently working on and she suggested I start taking vitamins (don’t ask me why, maybe I looked a bit frail to her). As usual I fed her my well hashed story and thought it would be left at that but on my way home I stopped off at my local pharmacy to pick up some toiletries and decided to throw in the cheapest store brand pack of multivitamins with iron tablets they had. Maybe I took the tablets because my subconscious was begging me to do something about the dark circles that had developed under my eyes over the last six months; circles that never go away, even with sleep. The next day I started to take the tablets without thinking much of it.

Less than a week after, my workload increased and I began to put in ten extra hours a week to meet a deadline. I started to dream about work, waking up at night to write notes for the next day (nothing fun about that, I assure you). I was worried but knew I had no choice so I carried on. I wasn’t really thinking about it but I must have been waiting for the usual bouts of fatigue to overwhelm me at the start and end of each day, especially as I was constantly waking up in the middle of the night. The first week went by and nothing out of the ordinary happened – except I wasn’t feeling tired at all. Not at all! I didn’t connect the energy boost to the vitamins and iron tablets till the second week. I hadn’t changed my diet or joined a gym or done anything else that would boost my system and yet I was supercharged. What the hell was happening to me? And then it clicked. My body was running on good old supplements. The scales fell from my eyes and I could finally see what all those people had been talking about! I only needed to take the tablets during a stressful time in my life so that I could reap the benefits – oh and I really believe downgrading to a store brand might have done the trick.

Now all I need is to sprout a good head of hair, glowing skin and long nails and I’ll believe everything they say about vitamins. So with great remorse I extend my sincere apologies to all those vitamin pill poppers I sneered at in the past. Vitamins do work…I just have to figure out what I’ll do with all this extra energy once my workload gets back to normal. Hiking anyone?

    • Razoo3214
    • August 6th, 2011

    Sing it donkey…”I believe I believe I believe I believe I believe … ”

    I second this post. Iron tablets have changed my life.

    • Okechukwu Udogu (Okey)
    • August 6th, 2011

    LOL!!! Hurrah for the V!! So you finally got the hang of it. Yeah been popping the V since I can remember. I recall when Dad, gave me my first V. I was so hungry and ate so much after that but I had so much energy. Till today I pop a Centrum Performance daily with Cod Liver Oil on the side. lol!! They make up for all those things we miss out in our diets. Needless to say, I work more than 12 hrs and I still have loads of energy to rip it at the gym. Hehehe!! Hope those bags under your eyes disappear. xoxo

    • I love it – V! Like in True Blood. Genius! And that also got people supercharged! Love it! Going to go forth and call it that from now on.

  1. …..omg, you’ve joint the ‘PILL GENERATION’.

    You better not ‘Come Down’ when you’re around me & start choking me for reasons i have no knowledge of, I’m Just Telling You Now! (Lol)

  2. I tooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllldddddddddddddddd you so! Sometimes I have to stop though because I get ridiculously hungry. My waist line doesn’t want that!!

    • Lol, you must have been one of the many people I wrinkled my nose at before giving my anti-V lecture. I guess it had to come to this for me to tip over to the other side. Week 4 now and still going strong baby! Woohoo!

  3. Vitamins eh? Maybe I should try this. I’m constantly tired at the moment so an extra boost would really help!

  4. Lol.Seeing is really believing… I’m still on the fence. The only vitamin I can muster the courage to take is Vit C and that’s because its sweet n chewable ;)!

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