Can you top my 28?

Those of you who read my Stop and Stare post from May will know that I got involved with the World Book Night movement in March this year. It was loads of fun and I might sign up again to participate next year (if I have the time and courage) but they are currently in the process of finding new books for next year’s big giveaway and I’ve been asked to vote for my top ten books from a list of 100 books.

I was pleased to find that I have read 28 of the books on the list (not sure why they doubled up on The Time Traveller’s Wife and Little Women but hey, I’ve read them both so counting them both) but then found out one of my colleagues has read 55 of them and I didn’t’ feel so smug after all (she is a little older so I guess she’s allowed to pip me on this one).

Any readers out there who want to have a count for fun?

PS – it doesn’t count if you’ve watched a movie or television adaptation of the book. If we add those, I’d be closer to 40.

  1. Oh C’MOOON!!! Look at the Fricking Books Man! Don’t get me wrong a lot of them ARE classics for the heart-string tugging skill of the storytelling, but Lot’s of Them are books about some young Victorian Chic!!

    Jane Eyre
    Little Women
    Pride & Prejudice

    …(Lmao) O.k, o.k, i’m not being fair there’s lot’s of variety there But Stil…don’t see why Watching the movie shouldn’t count, i mean i SAT There for the WHOOOOOLE 2-3hrs (Lmao).

    Pretty sure i’ve read quite a few of them-YES the above mentioned Victorian girls included, but not sure i’ve read up to 28 so you can throw your nose back in the air & let air an Evil Triumphant Laugh…hopefully you’ll do this on a public street (Lmao)

  2. Sadly the triumphant laugh occured in my kitchen so no bewildered stares from strangers 🙂

    To be honest I would not have been anywhere close to 28 if I didn’t belong to a reading group because I would never have thought to pick up books like The Wasp Factory, The Great Gatsby or Catch 22 in a bookshop but when you have to read it because someone else suggests it, true gems are discovered.

    I have to admit that I’m not sure what Twilight is doing on that list. I’ve read the series and the books are very popular but not fit to stand beside some of the other books on there!

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