Girls Don’t Fight week, my writing group set an interesting writing challenge (see excerpt below). It could be seen as a slightly sexist exercise but when we came up with the idea there was an even division of sexes in the room, so we’re hoping no one takes offence. The problem is, I can’t think of anything to write! This week of all weeks when I’m supposed to disprove a stereotype, I have writer’s block. Typical!

So this post is a cry for help. I need prompts before Monday or I’ll have to sit through a session with nothing to read out…or even worse, I’ll have to read an old romantic piece I dust off my shelf. All the ideas that have popped into my head are bland and rip-offs of slasher movies I’ve watched. That won’t do! So people, any ideas?

To help you help me, I’ve nicked the email that was sent this week to members of the group because I think it is very cleverly worded (good job John).


How many Romance Novels are written by women?  Thousands if not millions.  How many Romance Novels are written by men? Thousands if not millions.

How many Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror Novels are written by women….you can see where we’re going with this.

There is a stereotype that exists claiming that men can’t write believable romance and women can’t write believable fantasy/sci-fi or horror.  Obviously Westminster Writers believe this to be completely false.  Ever heard of Mary Shelley?  She only wrote Frankenstein.  Not to mention Diana Wynne Jones who’s written some of the best fantasy novels you’re ever likely to read.  What of Mike Gayle?  He writes believable romantic comedies.  And Nick Hornby?  High Fidelity may at first glance be about a bloke and his record collection, but it’s actually about a man trying to navigate his way through relationships.  Boys and Girls both fall in love and both indulge in amazing fantasy and science fiction tales, so why do we stereotype the sexes?

This week, at the risk of being labelled ‘sexist’ the challenge is as follows:

BOYS – Try to write a believable Romantic story.  It can be serious or funny so let your imagination roam freely

GIRLS – Try to write a believable Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror tale that can amaze or chill our bones!  Again let your weirdest and wildest dreams spill out onto the page freely!

To get your self riled up and in the mood have a read of an old archived article that appeared in The Telegraph a few years ago here:

  1. “The problem is, I can’t think of anything to write!”


    You want ssssssome ideas Clariiiice? (Lol)

    O.k seriously Cookie, you shouldn’t really be put off by thinking up ideas you’ve seen cause as you know Imitation is the earliest practice for artists…not just the sincerest form of Insults (Never bought that flattery thing).

    So go ahead with what ever you think of along those lines & you may be surorised that it evolves to something else.

    That havn’t been said…come monday if you don’t have something i WILL initiate severe mockery 🙂

    • (Lmfao) OMG just read this again & the typos SHOW that i was dead tired & qtr asleep XD

      Started yet?

      • Nope. Still can’t think past the stereotype. You?

  2. …….you’ll seeeee (Slow Broad Evil Smile: They need an emote for this)

  3. P.S

    You know you can just go straight heavy-handed action stereotype right?

    • Razoo3214
    • November 5th, 2011

    So sure I commented already. But since it didn’t show I’ll say it again. Say no to stereotypes and write whatever you want!

    • That’s so weird! Maybe there is something wrong with my set up.

  4. trixycae :Nope. Still can’t think past the stereotype. You?

    So, any progress?

  5. Wait. I’m confused! You can’t write sci-fi/fanatsy? You????!!

    • Ha ha! Don’t be confused, I can write fantasy and horror (not sci-fi) but they tend to be of the romantic sort. I think the point of this challenge is for us to write something that the opposite sex will find believable (not that sci-fi and fantasy are believale genres, but you know what i mean). I had a go at it and wrote about 900 words for the session on monday but I have to complete it for next week then I’ll post it up here. Fingers crossed.

  6. Ah!!! I see.

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