Two Is Company

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported and/or bought my e-book The Other Slipper. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. It took a while for me to get into the whole self-promotion mindset but I’m slowly getting there. One of the resounding pieces of advice I’ve come across during my research is that with e-books, more is better when it comes to how many books an author has available. As long as the work published is interesting and of high quality, there is no need to wait months or years to release books as is done in the traditional publishing world. This is because there is no debate about which book shop will stock your book or how much shelf space the product takes up etc. E-books will always be digitally available (well, as long as the internet and e-book readers exist) and so can always be stumbled upon by a multitude of readers.

Bearing this in mind I’ve decided to give The Other Slipper a companion on the shelf. It looks a little lonely sitting out there by itself so I’ve been editing another fantasy fiction novel I wrote called The Altercation of Vira. I wrote this years before The Other Slipper and I know some people will be happy to finally see it out there (you know yourselves) so I’m even more excited about publishing this than the last one.

Again, I’d love to get people’s opinions on the front cover. It had a lot of design input from my sister (thank you) and it is much brighter than my last cover but we’ve kept it minimalist again because we seem to like that kind of style. It is abstract but I hope readers will understand what I’m getting at by the time they get to the end of the book. I’ve worked up two slightly different versions of the same cover.

The Altercation of Vira cover 1

The Altercation of Vira cover 2

Which one looks more like a fantasy book cover? Or is the difference so subtle that it isn’t obvious at this scale (you might have to click on the covers to see what I mean)? Comments I’ve had so far are that one has a vintage look and the other has a new age look. I won’t say which one I prefer but so far the preference ratio is 6:1 based on views of my family and friends.

This is what the blurb reads like at the moment:

“Ama Brown has lived a mundane life so far; small town, small dreams and even smaller conquests. News that her best friend Mel is leaving the country with his girlfriend does even less to excite her. As she drives to the city to bid him farewell, everything changes when she encounters a group of people who believe she is a long lost heiress from a parallel realm called Vira. Ama is whisked away to a world she didn’t realise existed, where she finds herself in the middle of an age-old battle between two rival clans.

When Ama fails to arrive in the city, Mel goes in search of her and on his way encounters a young girl and boy who transport him to Vira to rescue her. While Ama struggles to discover who she truly is, the clock ticks as Mel realises that he and Ama have ended up on opposite sides and a clash is brewing that will endanger both their lives.”

I’ve tried not to give too much away but still draw the reader in. Comments on this would also be appreciated. The genre is High/Epic Fantasy (like last time) with a cross between our modern day reality and a fantasy world. In the meantime, it is time to do more work to tidy up the text. Those adjectives and adverbs won’t delete themselves.

The Altercation of Vira, coming soon to an e-book store near you.

  1. Ama and Mel forever !!

    • razoo3214
    • November 11th, 2011

    Woop Woop. I’m all for cover 1. The glossy look has more of a modern day Twilighty feel about it. You can see the hardcopy pages being in crisp white paper. Cover 2 says vintage to me and if it was in hardcopy I’d expect the pages to be brown.

    Alternate worlds? Live endangered? Can’t wait to get my copy!

    • I am guessing modern day feel is better then? Hmmm. Let’s see how we feel in a few weeks.

        • Chi Chi luvin
        • December 2nd, 2011

        Maybe its my computer but both look same. Is it on amazon yet? Can we buy it?

      • That probably means I’m over thinking it and shouldn’t worry so much 🙂

        It’s due out soon, not sure what date yet as some issues still need to be resolved but I’ll keep you posted. I’m thinking of posting chapter one on here as a teaser.

    • Razoo3214
    • December 9th, 2011

    Tease us! Tease us! Do it! Do it!

    • Ha ha, I’ve still got a little while to go. I might put up the prologue first and then chapter one as a follow up post.

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