Drum roll, cue 2012

It’s nearly here. 2012 – A year most of us approach with mixed expectations. On one hand, it is the year of the additional Diamond Jubilee bank holiday (thank you Your Majesty for living long enough to allow us get an extra day off work); and the year the Olympics hits London town (how much should we bet that the tube workers will threaten to strike right in the middle of it?). On the other hand it is a predicted year of contracted growth for the UK (some say it will be even worse than the first year of the recession but let’s not depress ourselves with that for now) and more importantly, the year the world is supposed to end (if you believe the Mayan calendar).

So what does any of this mean? As always, the events of the coming year will impact on people in different ways because we can’t be expected to all accept things in the same way. But notice how the good news I mentioned are not predictions but facts (we ARE going to get that bank holiday and the Olympics WILL come to London – unless something awful happens and ruins it all) and the bad news are all forecasts. Why should 2012 be seen as any worse than any other year? As far as we know, the world could implode on the 31st of December 2011, for some inexplicable reason, and that would be the end of all our nonsensical predictions. Or the economy could defy all odds and grow (I bet if we stopped listening to the paranoid press and analysts and actually just lived our lives like we are supposed to, people will go out and buy stuff, companies will resume investing and maybe banks will even start to lend a bit more).

What do I know anyway, I’m only a blogger looking back on 2011, feeling grateful for all the wonderful things that happened in the last 12 months and trying to appreciate the lessons I learnt from the not-so-good events that transpired. I guess this is my chance to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make my year fantastic and my sincere apologies to anyone who I ruined some part of the year for (I know I must have at some point). Let’s all embrace 2012 with a little bit of hope and optimism, whatever happens in the end. Happy New Year people!

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