It Starts With One…

Back in November, I blogged about giving “The Other Slipper” some company in the wonderful world of ebooks in the form of another novel I’ve written called “The Altercation of Vira” (see Two Is Company). The more observant readers might have noticed that the My Books…So Far tab on my sidebar has been updated within the last few months but not with said novel (feel free to check out the novella listed there, if you’re interested in YA fiction). 

What I’ve decided to do is post the prologue and first 3 chapters of Vira on this blog so that readers can sample the book before it hits retail stores. Retailers usually allow readers download between 10 and 20% of the book content before purchase so I figured, why not start early? In the meantime the rest of the novel will be receiving some finishing touches before it gets released, hopefully in February. Once again, thanks to all those who have read and re-read the manuscript so far over the past few years (N, D, E, C – you know yourselves).

Below is the blurb from my previous post, to remind people of what the novel is about. The genre is High/Epic Fantasy but I’ve been told it also fits in well as a Dramatic Romance.

“Ama Brown has lived a mundane life so far; small town, small dreams and even smaller conquests. News that her best friend Mel is leaving the country with his girlfriend does even less to excite her. As she drives to the city to bid him farewell, everything changes when she encounters a group of people who believe she is a long lost heiress from a parallel realm called Vira. Ama is whisked away to a world she didn’t realise existed, where she finds herself in the middle of an age-old battle between two rival clans.

When Ama fails to arrive in the city, Mel goes in search of her and on his way encounters a young girl and boy who transport him to Vira to rescue her. While Ama struggles to discover who she truly is, the clock ticks as Mel realises that he and Ama have ended up on opposite sides and a clash is brewing that will endanger both their lives.”

Look out for the first installment next week!

  1. I Swear To You Tooooooooootally Missed The L.P Reference in the title till Just Now! 🙂

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