I know it’s the middle of January and most sensible people would say we should stop whining about the cold and accept that it’s still winter but, my goodness, it is cold! Strangely, it’s not as cold as last winter when airports had to be closed and schools were shut for days (if only offices shut too…). So why does it feel so much worse this year? Maybe it’s because the temperature  fluctuates from unseasonal highs of 12 degrees to expected highs of 3 degrees over the course of one week, that we’re so grumpy about it . Or it’s the 60mph winds we’ve been getting despite the mild weather. I can’t believe I’m saying this but if the cold sets in at close to freezing and stays there, maybe we’ll be better prepared for the daily struggles with scarfs and jackets.

I’m also usually not a fan of snow, unless I can sit indoors and admire the white and pretty cityscape and not have to go to work every morning, trudging through it. However, last winter when the snow was really pelting all of the UK, I was completely unprepared for the weather as the only shoes with grip I owned were my trainers. As I was too stubborn and cheap to go off and buy proper shoes (eh, why spend good money on shoes I will wear once or twice a year and only if it snows?), I stuck with these for as long as I could. Despite numerous telling-offs from my boss, I would rock up to site in my work clothes and purple trainers! Tres chic! Not! After much needed chiding, I finally bought some sturdy snow boots (in the Christmas sale, duh) that would still look good when I walked around off site and do the job on site. In January 2011, I waited for the snow. And waited. And waited. Spring came early. Then summer (sort of). Now its winter again. Hurrah, I thought, I can finally break my new boots in. I’m still waiting…

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