My T-shirt is better than yours

On my way to work last week, I noticed two men walking slightly ahead on the other side of the road. Both of them were dressed in identical brown leather jackets with thick fur-lined collars, same shade of tan trousers and dark brown shoes. I didn’t think much of this – men wear matching outfits all the time – until one  of the men stopped the other and pointed out the situation to him. They both laughed and carried on their separate ways. No high drama.

I don’t mean to be sexist but I couldn’t help thinking that if they had been women, one of them (probably the first to notice the offending outfit) would have gasped in horror and cowered in shame as she slowed down her pace and waited for the other to leave the scene. How dare someone else have similar taste in clothing as you and have the cheek to wear the same outfit on the same day and in the same room with you? What surprises me the most is that we all know stores sell thousands of the same item of clothing every day and that as we pick up that lovely trendy top that is plastered on every billboard in the country, we are not the only ones doing so.

So why do we think that the odds of us running into the cousin of said jumper is a big deal? Do we think that the gods of fashion have turned their backs on us on the day we strut down the road and espy a similar jacket wrapped around a much better looking woman than us? Or any woman for that matter? I’m sure there is a scientific reason for our brains falling into this silly lapse of common sense and someone out there has done extensive research on it. If they haven’t, they should – we definitely need a cure to the madness. I know I do!

Don’t get me started on items that are bought to be worn once, so that people don’t see you wearing it twice and judge you for not owning many more outfits! Ridiculous, right? I’m not here to judge. Viva common sense.

  1. LOL…So right…but i think that has to do with the individual’s mindset…take the scene from SITC2 where miley cyrus and samantha had the same outfit on! see how they worked a pose together? thats what women should do! probably discuss more ways to wear it differently

    • I wish we all had their mindset to rock whatever we’re wearing and not be so self conscious. Maybe it’s something that can be developed over time…

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