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The Altercation of Vira by Kenechi Udogu (+ free copy promotion)

After many months of teasing about the release of this book, I finally did it (quietly) last Friday. The Altercation of Vira is officially available for purchase on Amazon! There were a few initial hiccups with the display of the cover image, which is why I am only publicizing it now but that all seems to be sorted out, phew. I also had to take down the sample chapters I put up on this blog for legal reasons (signing up to KDP Select means that I have to give Amazon exclusivity rights for 90 days) but the sample chapters are all available to read off the Amazon product page. All you need to do it click on the book image on or  (yes, these links will take you there) and it will open up the first three chapters – about 10% of the book.

One good thing about signing up to Select is that I can put up my book for free promotion offers on  and (sorry to my Europe readers, it doesn’t stretch as far as here *I’ve just found out that it’s Amazon worldwide so get clicking!*). The first of these promotions will run from 12am Pacific time on Tuesday 7th February till 11.59pm on Wednesday 8th February 2012. There is no catch. You can buy the book for nothing, zilch, nada, zero dollars. Please feel free to spread the word about the book promotion. As an indie writer, at the moment, I’m more interested in Continue reading


Battle of the Blurbs

After what feels like an eternity, The Altercation of Vira is finally on the brink of being released to the world. More on that later. A few weeks ago, I put up what I thought would be Vira’s blurb but it has gone through a major revamp since then (thanks to my very helpful agent/muse/sister). I was never really happy with the previous blurb as it was a bit too wordy and sounded more like a synopsis than a marketing blurb. Also, for a fantasy story, it didn’t really scream fantasy. So, as the title of this post suggests, I’m opening the debate up to my readers. New vs old. Comments, if any, will be gratefully received.
 New Blurb:
“The people of Vira have long awaited the arrival of their lost princess, Elve. Legend has foretold a season of great change in the dawn of her return. Continue reading