What The Sequel Told Me

  1. Romance is superficial and in Part 2/Book 2 (or 3 or 4 even), the protagonist will move on from that love interest we spent an hour and a half or 400 pages rooting for.
  2. Villains can (and will) survive falls from great heights or explosions.
  3. The follow on story doesn’t need to make an iota of sense if the fan base is forgiving, especially if the protagonist is a good-looking teenage superhuman (I will refrain from naming only vampires).
  4. Real life divas, beware the wrath of the director (lesson learnt from Transformers).
  5. Lead actors, beware the might of sales figures (lesson learnt from Hulk).
  6. And as we all know, sometimes it’s better to stop at one.

Note – What The Sequel Told Me 2, coming in the near future.


    how about you clarify that 1st point by not being ambiguos & saying “The Protagonist” instead, clarify that YOU know like WE know that THAT protagonist in most cases (& I say MOST in that general idea of being fair when in truth I mean ALL) is actually a HEROINE!

    Case & point Disney’s Pochahuntess & Disney’s Pochahuntess 2

    & as for villains, c’mon, 80’s to 90’s slaher flicks taught us that in movies ‘Evil Never Dies’ WooooOOOoOOOO (that was my crappy ghost voice btw) we know that from all the returns & revenges of Freddy Creuger & Jason Vorhes.

    Know that at some early point it may have been a good truthful storytelling tool, but like all common tools in hollywood storytelling, it’s been used, re-used & Overused for reasons like:

    Producers pushing for it cause it worked in those 3 movies that made tons of money so our movie will have that cause we want to make tons of money; doesn’t matter if the movie was supposed to be a drama about a Ballerina trying to find courage to perform on the big stage, throw a villain in there & make sure they have a questionable death so we can milk that S*** for sequels.

    Not even going to touch the Megan Fox thing…OoooOO Touch Megan Fox (Lmao). Seriously though, that will just lead to another rant

    & as for Hulk…wait which Hulk? The 1st one, Ang Lee’s which I love & consider to be THE actual Hulk movie or the one with Ed Norton which was pretty cool too

    • I actually had James Bond in mind when I thought up point 1. No female characters came into my head but hey…

      And I meant the 1st Hulk as it didn’t do so well in the Box Office and that’s why they changed the whole story and character for the second one. You seem to be the only one that liked it. Second one was way, way better.

      As for Megan Fox, you know how I feel about her so let’s skip that one 🙂

      • Bond???!!!…I’m sorry but you can’t feel like you root for bond girls, they’re eyecandy; blatantly & even in the way the script is delivered.

        They don’t seem like it’s anything serious, just how much banter they’ll go through before having sex & whether she’s really working for the bad guys or not 🙂

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