Bandwagon Jumping

So, I have decided to be completely unoriginal and I’m jumping on the “What-I-Do/What-People-Think-I-Do” bandwagon. I couldn’t help myself. Some of the posters I’ve seen have been nothing short of genius, some have been really silly but here are the ones that are supposed to describe what I do (I haven’t gone off and designed my own, I’ve just nicked them off other sites/blogs). I don’t agree with what all the images are trying to say but I love, love, love the Ted Mosby bit. The Architect one is spot on all through, Fiction Writer and Writer ones are a bit more questionable but love the What-Editors-Think-I-Do bit.  


  1. All hail to whoever started these.

    Got sent the one for ART & DESIGN & couldn’t stop laughing my ass off cause it was sooooo true in reference to me

  2. My favourite was the Fiction Writer ‘What I think I do’ and ‘What I actually do’ 🙂

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