Short Story 18: Home

‘It’s freezing. Don’t the heaters work?’

‘I don’t like the heat.’

Darren shuddered and heaved a sigh. ‘It must get really lonely here.’

Peggy coughed into her white lace hanky and leaned forward to pick up the bowl of soup Darren’s wife had packaged. She hated tomato soup but Annette was such a nice girl.

‘Great soup, right?’

Peggy forced a smile and nodded as she slurped it up.

‘It would be nicer if you had someone to cook hot meals everyday and even nicer if you had people to share them with.’

‘You and Annette are moving in? That would be nice.’

Darren was caught off guard. ‘No Mother, we’re not moving in.’ Yet, he would have added but went on. ‘Have you given my little suggestion any thought since last time.’

‘What suggestion? My memory isn’t what it used to be.’

He jumped at this. ‘My point exactly. That’s why you have to sell this place and move into a home where people will care for you.’

‘But I’d love to move in with you and Annette. I don’t see the twins anymore.’

Darren coughed uncomfortably. ‘Mother you are not going to live with us. We can’t take care of you.’

‘But Annette doesn’t work and…’

‘That’s beside the point,’ he yelled then caught himself at the last minute.

‘Oh,’ Peggy leaned back into her chair and began to stare blankly ahead.

‘Sorry Mother,’ Darren knew she would not listen to him tonight. He also knew she was not as senile as she liked to make him believe.  The only problem was she knew when to use it to her advantage and he couldn’t tell what she would do if he tried to force her to move into the place he and Annette had found for her. He bent over and kissed her cheek before leaving hurriedly.

Peggy smiled to herself as she heard the door bang. Then she got up and went to the kitchen where she washed the remaining soup down the drain before pouring herself a generous measure of brandy to keep her warm. Next visit would be more fun.

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