Cycling – As It Should Be

Anyone that has read my previous posts will know that I am not a big fan of cycling. Not in the slightest. In fact, I don’t really even know how to cycle (yeah, yeah, don’t laugh). Anyway, today I was pleased to discover the best form of cycling EVER – it’s such a brilliant idea that I might even try it. What is this brilliant discovery, I hear you say? I received an email from a colleague which I initially thought was a joke but as it turns out, comedy does exist in real life. Apparently the Pump House Gallery in London hosts a Monthly Do and this coming weekend, the event on the agenda is called Come and Play…  , a weekend of alternative sports for all.

What’s so special about this event? Amongst other ingeniously pointless activities like Reverse Chess and The Austerity Olympics, there will be a Slow Bike Race. Yes, you read right. According to their webpage “The winner of Slow Bike Race will be the cyclist who takes the longest time to complete the course. Slowly travelling forward without falling off, riders compete to finish last over a course that extends 100m through Battersea Park. The rules on slow bicycle racing will apply: no feet down, no going backwards, stay in lane. It promises to be an exciting mix of sporting tension and hilarious farce.”

It sounds so brilliantly silly that I really am tempted to join in the fun this weekend – as a spectator, of course – let’s not get carried away. Nothing would give me more joy than to point and laugh at cyclists without fear of being run over. But I think I’ll find something more exciting to do…like take a nap, or feed the duck in the park – you get the picture.

  1. (Lmao) This is so brilliantly hillarious & yes it does sound like something you’d have fun doing

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