Short Story 20: Flash Fiction

[This Flash Fiction piece was initiated by James of Fantasy in Motion. It’s called The 3 Minute Story and all we had to do was think up a theme for a story, make up some names for characters, find a timer/stopwatch and start writing! So basically write a story in 3 minutes. Here is the result…wasn’t easy!]

Theme: Fear

Day three. Or maybe it was day four now. Hannah had lost track of time after the last touch. She was sure she hadn’t intended to let them in but it had still happened. There was no way of knowing what had occurred in the time she had been unconscious but she could sense the residue of the fever it always brought with it. Her chest rose and fell in quick succession and her vision was blurred by a yellow tinge. It had to stop. The last time had been so bad that she still hadn’t left the house. As she got up and pushed open the door, she took a deep breath, knowing that she wouldn’t like what she was about to witness. She never did.

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