Soundtrack to My Life 1

I really, really, really like listening to music. I know a lot of people say the same but for me it’s a bit of an obsession. I’m not an obsessive fan of any one artist/band (ehem) but I love having music played at every point of the day. As I get dressed for work, as I start my commute to work, as I sit at my desk drawing/typing away, as I head off home after work, as I take a shower, as I carry out chores, as I sit and ponder about life…I could go on but you get the gist. Anyway I recently started posting my “Song of the Week” on my Facebook fan page  and hope to carry on for as long as I can muster the courage to share my eclectic taste in music with the world. This new feature got me thinking about what songs might be stuck in my head that I’d be too embarrassed to share. Just over a year ago I promised I’d put together a playlist of my favourite “easy listening” songs for a friend of mine. I can’t remember why I thought it was a brilliant idea to burden her with this but she was really good about it and listened to a fair number of them (thanks for humouring me, F). I just rediscovered the list of 40 songs and gasped at the number of songs on it that were heavily influenced by all the “Adult Alternative” stations I was listening to at that point in my life. The good thing is most of them are songs that always bring a smile to my face whenever I come across them so I’m not too embarrassed to put them up here. Hope you enjoy a glimpse into my mind and maybe I’ll put up another list in the future – I have a disturbing amount of grunge/nu-metal songs on my iPod that would love to see the light of day.  

1. Matt Nathanson – Come On Get Higher
2. Vertical horizon – Everything You Want
3. Tal Bachman – She’s So High
4. Erasure – Respect
5. The Wallflowers – Closer To You
6. Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me
7. O.A.R. – Heard the World
8. Matchbox Twenty – Push
9. Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life
10. Uncle Kracker – Smile
11. Mat Kearney – Closer To love
12. The Calling – Stigmatized
13. Natalie Merchant – Kind and Generous
14. Jewel – Standing Still
15. Meredith Brooks – Bitch
16. Carolina Liar – Show Me What I’m Looking For
17. Glen Hansard – Falling Slowly
18. Regina Spektor – Us
19. Damien Rice – I Remember
20. Newton Faulkner – Dream Catch Me
21. Matchbox Twenty – Downfall
22. O.A.R. – Love and Memories
23. Nine Days – Story Of A Girl
24. Sinch – Something More
25. 12 Stones – Lie To Me
26. Tom Petty – Free Falling
27. Sister Hazel – All For You
28. Lifehouse – Hanging On A Moment
29. Better Than Ezra – A Lifetime
30. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
31. Phoenix – 1901
32. “Rent” Soundtrack – Seasons of Love
33. The Wallflowers – One Headlight
34. The Script – Breakeven
35. Joseph Arthur – In The Sun
36. The Verve Pipe – The Freshmen
37. Howie Day – Collide
38. Duncan Sheik – Barely Breathing
39. Weezer – Island In The Sun
40. Bare Naked Ladies – One Week

  1. Everyone needs an Anthem

    An Anthem for life & an Anthem for death.

    A song that burns within your soul
    when you are most alive,

    & one that sirens will sing as your dirge
    when the reaper arrives.

  2. btw

    Glad you final did the Soundtrack to your life,

    been building my meticulously since I got my 2nd ipod


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