Blue Mondays

I’m having a particularly blue Monday and for some reason can’t seem to get these Ataris lyrics out of my head (fond memories from my younger days) so I thought I’d share them. Very juvenile, I know, but I’m allowed a day or two of foot stamping as an adult. I’m all for following your heart but, my goodness, it’s really difficult to keep positive some days. I’ll try to hold on to the eventually getting it right bit though. Maybe, someday…

“Being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up
These are the best days of our lives.
The only thing that matters
is just following your heart
and eventually you’ll finally get it right.”

– IN THIS DIARY by Ataris



  1. I’m having that exact day today. I’m so grumpy and I want to throw my toys out of the pram. I don’t know this song so I’m off to youtube.

    • It’s punk rock so I don’t know if it’s your style but it hit the mark for me yesterday. Go ahead and throw those toys out of that pram! We can always pick up the pieces tomorrow.

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