Can You Top My 22

Ah, it’s that time of year again, WBN has opened its book list for readers to nominate their top 100 books. World Book Night 2013 Interactive Top 100 List

It’s an interactive (changing) list so will probably look quite different by the end of August when it gets frozen for the judges to decide the books that will be distributed in 2013. Exciting stuff! Last year when I did my “read” count, the list was fixed and I had read 26 out of a 100 books. I’m currently on 22 (31 if you count movie adaptations) but will check again at the end of the month to see if any of the books I’ve read have fallen off the 100 (or if new ones have been added).

I have to say though that I was quite shocked to see Fifty Shades of Grey on the list. I know everyone is raving about it and it’s now the most sold book in the UK ever (or something like that) but I have mixed feelings about this one being on the list. Although I’ve heard the story is compelling, I’ve also heard from numerous sources that the writing is basic/bad and that contrary to what a lot of women have said about it being liberating, the subject matter is pretty sexist and crude (this reader’s review says all there is to say really). I know what people might say, I shouldn’t really judge it till I’ve read it (if I read it…stop trying to get me to read it!) but I guess this is what living in a free world means…Fifty Shades can sit proudly beside The Lord of The Rings or Persuasion on a list of brilliant books. Wait, the wording on WBN’s website says “Favourite/Popular books” not “Brilliant/Well written books”. My bad, I take this all back! Vote away people, vote away…

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