Guilty Pleasures

So, I went to see The Expendables 2 a few weeks ago (despite the fact that everyone thought we were crazy to pay money to see it on the big screen) and as expected for a child who grew up in the 80s/90s watching  every single action movie that was produced (I blame my Dad), I really really liked it! Not loved it, but really x 2 liked it. Tongue in cheek humour, check. Things being blown up for no reason, check. Bad guys with accents who want world domination of some sort, check. The cast list was a chronicle of my childhood (Sly, Arnie, Norris, Willis, Van Damme, Lundgren) but there was the notable absence of one Mr Steven Seagal (was he really not in it because he was overweight?). Apparently he has been offered a role in Part 3. Yes, I said it The Expendables 3!!! Can’t wait. Highlights of Part 2 – Chuck Norris popping up every where to reprise his one man against the baddies role, Arnold’s continuous “I’ll be back” jokes, the inclusion of Dolph Lundgren’s real life MIT genius brain in the story line and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Van Damme being brilliant (and hot) as a bad guy! Okay, so he didn’t take away from Chris Hemworth’s beauty but he was so bad-ass that now I can watch the Coors Light ads and laugh along with him instead of wondering why the hell he is in them.

In similar news, I am actually a bit excited about the last Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn 2) coming out in November. Yes, another guilty secret is that I have seen them all in cinema and I have read all the books (I blame my older sister for forcing them on me). I saw the preview on the MTV VMA Awards and cringed when I remembered the whole incident with Jacob and Bella’s daughter but I was still excited. I know there is a lot of real life drama surrounding Kirsten Stewart at the moment and I’ve never liked her as an actress (okay I don’t like Bella either) but I will be there on the opening weekend with my box of mixed salt and sweet popcorn and my high hopes. Okay, okay I might be going to watch it for Jacob’s body but let’s not tell anyone.

  1. “I am actually a bit excited about the last Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn 2)”

    UuuuGGHHHH! & she just HAD to ruin such a beautiful post with this (smh)


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