Short Story 22: Flash Fiction – One Headlight

Today was the day he was going to give her everything she had wanted. That elusive ring she’d hinted at for the first three years they’d been together then stopped mentioning in the last two. That house in the suburbs with the large back garden and white picket fence where they would raise the children she’d always wanted. Even the haircut he should have had a few months ago. He was going to do it all. The near miss he’d had with the lorry as he drove home that evening had imparted the fleetingness of his life on him. Like people said it would, his life had flashed before his eyes and all he had seen was Jenna. Nothing and no one else. That had to mean something. He was going to make it up to her from today. He smiled as he stepped into the flat, the adrenaline coursing through his veins gave him the boost he needed to carry out his mission. He only stopped short at the stark absence of the seaside watercolour she had painted and proudly hung up in the hallway. Then he began to notice the other things.


Today was the day she was going to leave him. She had spent a long time waiting for Jason to realise that she existed and then spent even longer waiting for him to acknowledge that her aspirations and dreams mattered too. At first she’d carried some hope that he would open his eyes to what was in front of him but in the end she’d stayed around because splitting rent and holiday expenses with him was convenient. She didn’t think he even noticed that she’d stopped texting him whenever she saw a billboard that reminded her of the first time they’d met at the seaside.  Harry had waited in his car as she took one last look at the flat she had shared with Jason for the last few years.  It had taken her this long to accept that she could leave him and he would be alright. As the car pulled out of the underground garage, she thought she saw Jason’s car pull up from the opposite end in the rear-view mirror. One of his headlights was out and the front of the car looked a little dented. She shut her eyes and counted to ten. Then she glanced at Harry and smiled as she turned up the song playing on the radio. Jason was not her problem anymore.

    • Anonymous
    • September 19th, 2012

    Cool. what happens next? the suspense is ….

    • Hahaha, I assume that’s you keeping me in suspense 🙂

  1. God you’re really cannonballing into your chosen genre aren’t you?

    I swear I could see a pink unicorn with hearts & a rainbow tattooed on it’s hind quarters. 😀

    That being said, as always you deliver a great story Madamme

    • Merci Monsieur. Nothing wrong with pink unicorns by the way. They are a special breed…

  2. Oh! The Karmic timing but Harry? Lol, I loved this.

    • Haha! Harry probably has the pocket fenced house waiting for her already 🙂

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