Short Story 23: Flash Fiction

Today we cross the River Toal in an attempt to breach the gates of Groath. Our quest to save the princess has brought us into this strange realm, much further from home than we have ever ventured, but we cannot allow ourselves to become disheartened. True warriors must sometimes walk the path of loneliness to achieve greatness. If we are successful in battling the guards at the gates, tomorrow we move on to Seram to find the Light That Never Fades. Our mentor implored us to seek this true beacon out to…

“Jacob, honey, your dinner is ready.”

Urgh! Why now?

“Is that your mother again?” the Russian inquired with an impatient sigh.

“Sounds like her,” the South African concurred.

“Can’t she bring your food up to your room? That’s what I make my mum do.” the girl from Canada suggested.

“Just skip it. I survived on crisps and Cola for two days the week The Soldiers of Ixora came out.” This unhelpful input came from the Australian. I could picture him sitting in his own filth in a dark room as he munched on large curls of oven dried potatoes.  Then again, I had never met him so the image I had in my head was of the avatar that graced the side of my computer screen.

Adjusting  my headset,  I considered the logic of their suggestions. It was already past eight and Mum must have delayed her dinner shout especially for me.  She knew how cranky I got when my game sessions were interrupted by the mundane activities the rest of the household chose to participate in. Sitting at a table for dinner was so not necessary in the twenty-first century so why did she insist on keeping up the archaic tradition? My companions waited with bated breath as I weighed up my options – stay on and face Mum’s wrath or go down and receive the much needed meal she offered. We were so close to reaching our goal for the day and abandoning the team felt like a betrayal of their trust. The problem was, I hadn’t eaten in over five hours and Mum would never bring my dinner up. It was time to change tact.

My progression down to the cavernous land they called Downstairs was slow but considered. I did not want to awaken the dragon that lay within its bowels but sustenance was needed and sometimes a warrior must make sacrifices on the road to achieving greatness…

  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

    Yes, I am THAT proud that you scooped up gaming culture as your plot-point.

    Just do me a favour & don’t do a follow up that end’s it in that cautionary tale manner…unless it’s a cautionary tale of how you loose a buttload of XP when conceding to your mum calling you for dinner (Lol)

    • I have no clue where this story came from but it was stuck in my head last wednesday and voila! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 And no spin-off planned.

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