You Know You’re In Your Thirties If…

– You never had a mobile phone as a teenager (and it wasn’t because your parents didn’t love your or didn’t want to get you one – no one had them except business men in movies)

– There was a point in your life when your Dad owned a vinyl player at the same time as when you had a Walkman (and not the CD player, but the cassette tape player)

– You mastered how to use a computer (and play games) in DOS mode (Windows who?)

– Your movie collection was stored on video tapes

– Sega and Nintendo were the only video game console manufacturers you knew at one point

– You’ve finally caved and bought eye cream (because you have no choice anymore)

– You’re no longer dying your hair to be cool, it’s now out of necessity

– You remember the good old days when Apple was a fruit and a small letter i in front of any word was bad spelling

– You watch the news because you actually want to

– Citing Google searches in your school research was not allowed

– You graduated from university ten to twenty years ago

– You’ve complained about your neighbour’s loud music at least once in the last year

– You’ve used the phrase “You’re only as old as you feel”

– 11pm feels like a good time to start heading home from an event

– There was a point in your life when twenty four hour television was a dream that would happen one day

– You watched the original of all the shows being remade today (90210, Dallas, Teen Wolf…)

– You mutter under your breath about “children nowadays”

  1. I have maybe about half of these checklisted.

    Then again…I’m not as old as YOU now am I 😛

    • You can’t explain away eye cream for a guy…

      • 1.: Like I said, maybe half the list for me & THAT isn’t on the parts that pertain to me


        2.: I’ll leave the eye-cream explanations to you metroed-up tight-jean wearing eyelash-grooming 30-something friends 😀

  2. Lol. Either that or you’re 29. Hehehehe

    • Ah 29, the good old days, lol! Yes, I guess 29ers can share in this too 🙂

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