Haunting The Subconscious

They claw their way into our subconscious, ever so slowly, then plant their seeds in the unknowing fertilizer of our brain cells, multiplying till we can’t stop thinking about them. Catchy tunes! Or more specifically, catchy tunes that don’t know when to stop haunting us! It’s almost the end of the year (gasp) and as I was listening to an online radio station yesterday, I realised that I have become mildly obsessed with a few tunes in the last few months which have refused to do the decent thing and go away after the prescribed amount of listens (okay I just made that last bit up). I like the fact that I light up whenever I hear said songs but sometimes I wish I could find the willpower to press “skip” when they come on. So how do I propose to expel these little demons? By sharing them here, of course. It’s not a long list but I can’t stop humming them to myself so I might as well burden you lot with them (sharing is caring). Some crept in from the end of last year, and most seem to be indie or folk songs but I (surprisingly) have a couple of pop country music tunes in there. What is happening to me? Is this what it feels like to be grown up? Have “mature” taste in music? If it is, I guess it’s not too bad. But someone has to stop me when I start listening to anti-folk music. I have to draw the line somewhere.

  1. Hey Ho – The Lumineers
  2. It’s Time – Imagine Dragons
  3. Home is Wherever I’m With You  – Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes
  4. Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men
  5. Tongue Tied – Grouplove
  6. Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran (so glad he finally released this as a single!)
  7. Lost in You – Three Days Grace
  8. Brighter Than The Sun – Colbie Caillat
  9. Wonderful – Angel
  10. Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye
  11. Video Games – Lana Del Ray
  12. Just A Kiss – Lady Antebellum
  13. Don’t You Wanna Stay – Jason Aldean (feat Kelly Clarkson)

Now that I’ve reminded myself of all of them, it’s time to visit YouTube and listen to them again. Bliss! And yes, you guessed write. Writing them down did nothing to expunge them.

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