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A writer friend of mine has written a novella. wpid-Aversion-_cover-reveal.jpgAversion by Kenechi Udogu is available right now from Smashwords. We were talking about revitalizing interest in the novella. I think we could do it especially with the popularity of eBooks.

For publishing purposes, a novella would be overpriced as a paperback or hardback. Just look at the prices of children’s hardcover storybooks: $15.99! Ridiculous. I have no problem buying my storybooks at the thrift store.

But I’m getting off the subject. I think that priced right, the novella could become very popular. If you can get a full-length novel 80,000 words and above as an eBook for $9.99 plus, you can enjoy an eBook novella for 99 cents. Besides, I can tell a spectacularly exciting story in 30,000 words or less. I aim to keep the excitement, momentum and interest going by keeping it short. The shorter the better. That…

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