The Yam Po Club is (finally) available on OkadaBooks


I’m so excited to share this with everyone, especially my Nigeria based readers. The Yam Po Club is now available for download on Okadabooks, the new e-book app taking over the nation! In their own words, Okadabooks is “… a fast, simple and fun way to read books without ever leaving your couch! Send a text , choose a book, then download and start reading – it’s as easy as riding an okada. It’s book reading, reinvented. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s cheaper than riding an Okada!” (Okada is Nigerian slang for motorcycle taxis – yes, they exist).

Please spread the word about the app with your family and friends…and anyone who has an Android phone, tablet or even a good old PC. There are a good number of books available on there, including some classics from Chinua Achebe and a lot of stories by up and coming writers like Myne Whitman. A lot of the books are free but the paid ones cost from as little as N20 to about N150. Bargain or what?

This, however, means I will eventually take down the free chapters of The Yam Po Club from Wattpad and my blog but I’ll aim to leave them on for as long as I can; at least until I get the book up on Amazon et al. So what are you waiting for? Go download the app now or tell someone about it!

Oh, and for those of you who have no clue what The Yam Po Club is about, here is the blurb.

The Yam Po Club
Boarding school – a painful rite of passage which remains forever etched in memories long after the days of confinement are over. At least that’s the impression Onyebuchi has been given by her older brother. The idea of leaving home is daunting, yet exciting, as she embarks on her first term at an all girls’ boarding secondary school in Enugu. Onyebuchi soon makes friends with two girls who have just arrived from outside the country, Funke from the UK and Nnenna from the USA. Together, the girls navigate a series of trying experiences that will test the limits of their bond.
Set in the early nineties, The Yam Po Club is a coming of age story about a group of girls who defy the odds to form a lasting friendship and survive the many trials of boarding school life.
The Yam Po Club
  1. I for one like this book…..

    I think it feels like an authentic representation of Nigerian life in boarding school…… 😛

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