This week in Kenny’s world: Paperback and stuff

sentient paperback

The proof copy for Sentient arrived this week so I’m pleased to announce the release of the paperback on Amazon! All you lovely techno-phobes can now get a copy to thumb through and store in your over flowing libraries. It still hasn’t been linked to the kindle edition (which has reviews up) but hopefully Amazon will sort its act out soon.

In other news (Facebook fans will know this already), I was recently asked if I’d like to become a Staff Reviewer on Readwave. Yeah you guessed it, I said yes! How could I not? I thought the site was pretty amazing when I joined and it’s getting even better with all the helpful improvements the team has been implementing. Readers (not just Staff Reviewers) provide constructive comments on stories, not just “I think this is great” or “awful”. So you can imagine how excited I was when the offer came through to do more than just post stories and pass the occasional comment. Looking forward to many more hours of reading works from fellow writers. Now, if I can only make out time to do some more writing…

    • Cee
    • November 13th, 2013

    Lol! Congrats on Sentient release :)!

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