Introducing – Aiirkey “Happy” Bags

Aiireky bags

For a change, you’ll be pleased to hear that I am not plugging one of my books today (gasp) or moaning about one of the many things that bug me (don’t get me started on the thick fog in London today). This post is to introduce my lovely readers to a fabulous new website. A friend of my recently launched her handbag brand – Aiirkey, an exquisite leather range which I think you should all check out. There’s a lovely brand story on the website which explains what the brand is all about. Even if you’re not a handbag person, feel free to pass on the link to others who might like them (you never know who’s still looking for the perfect Christmas present). You also get 10% off your first order (internationally), plus free delivery off all UK orders. One day, when the brand’s up on that huge billboard in Piccadilly Circus, you could look back and say you bought one of the first ever Aiirkey “Happy” bags. You so know it could happen. Go on, you know you want to give it a look…

Aiireky bags 2Aiireky bags 1

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