Book sites I’ll be stalking in 2014

booklikesleafmarksWhere I’ll be hanging out in 2014:

BookLikes – This seems like a pretty cool site. Basically you run a blog via their platform and post book reviews/vlogs/quotes.  A lot like Goodreads and they let me import all my reviews from Goodreads really easily. You can also host giveaways a lot easier than Goodreads (they let you give away ebooks!). Let’s see how this one goes.

Leafmarks – Touted as an alternative to Goodreads. Apparently formed by ex-Goodreads members. I think this might initially be filled with people who are hacked off by all the new policies Goodreads has come up with (censorship in 2014? shocking!) but it might be an interesting place to be. They also let you import Goodreads reviews etc (phew). Seems a bit sparse at the moment. Again, let’s see…

Where you’d have found me lurking pre-2014 (and I guess at the moment too):

Goodreads – Confession time…I am obsessed with this site. Like properly obsessed. I check it like 20 times a day! That’s way more than my Facebook or Twitter account. I’m not yet bothered by all the new policies everyone seems to be complaining about ever since Amazon bought them, but things might change. As of now, I think I need therapy to help me cut down my addiction…help!

Readwave – Great site for posting short stories and book chapters if you’d like feedback from total strangers. So far I love this site and have uploaded a few of my stories.

Shelfari – I’m not very active on this site, sadly. I don’t know why but I could never get into the swing of things any time I logged on.

LibraryThing – Same for this.

Wattpad – And this.

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