It Has Soooooo Not Been Five Months!

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First of all, I would like to express my apologies to anyone who follows this blog with the hope of receiving constant posts. It has been over five months since my last one and, even though I keep on meaning to write a few words, I don’t just want to post something for the sake of posting. My thoughts occasionally linger on stuff I’d like to share, but my fingers haven’t quite made it to a keyboard in time…

My second apology is related to the next book in my Mentalist book series, Keepers. It was noted as “coming soon” at the end of Sentient which was released around now in 2013. I have managed to release one book in the series each year since Aversion came out so you can understand my desire to carry on this tradition and why I was racked with guilt about this for a while. The thing is, earlier this year as I was having one of my mini panic attacks about my lack of productivity, a work colleague  said something along the lines of, “Good things take time to get right so don’t rush it.” That was the moment I decided that, no matter how much guilt I felt about not having time or motivation to write, I had to take a deep breath and accept it would get done when it was right. Not that I’d ever compare myself to George RR Martin’s brilliance but his A Song of Fire and Ice book series (aka Game of Thrones) has been going since 1996 with the last book taking about five years to write and the next one not released since then (with no concrete release date that I can find).

What am I trying to say? The story is getting there (just over 44,000 words down at the moment – thank goodness) but there is still a lot to think through to get to a finale I’d be happy to share with everyone. So, thank you to everyone for your patience and for the queries I’ve had about this series. I really appreciate all your support with my work and I’ll try to raise my head from the humdrum events of life to indulge in a rant or two here more frequently than I’ve done this year.

Now, back to thinking about my masterpiece…

  1. Well, as you mentioned, good things take time. When it rains it pours and Rome was not built in a day. It will be an epic last series.

    • Thank you! I’ve made a bit of progress in the last few months, I just need to keep up the momentum and you’ll be getting a draft copy soon 🙂

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