Okadabooks Author page, Amazon No 1 genre listing and other fun facts

Broken Ties  - ENGLISH NEW

Broken Ties

Last week was meant to be pretty uneventful. Write a few  thousand words of Keepers (the last book in the Mentalist series), run a promo with ManyBooks to get some exposure for the recently updated cover of Broken Ties, help a friend beta-read her novel, do some real bill paying work (ah, the joys of being an architect), and find time to warm up my vocal chords to sing with my choir at the London Marathon. All in all, a busy week but nothing too spectacular. And then this happened.


I knew the promo ad would make a (little) difference to downloads but I was totally overwhelmed by the boost it actually gave. And it wasn’t just Amazon that yielded results – my Smashwords, iBooks and Barnes and Noble downloads had considerably  increased activity as well. I was still getting over the excitement of finally seeing Broken Ties at the top of an Amazon genre list when this happened too.




Yep, I’ve been given my very own Okadabooks Author page! I was so thrilled about the news, it took me a few hours to gather my spinning thoughts before I emailed/texted my family and close friends about it.  For those of you who are thinking “what the heck is that?”, Okadabooks is the first and, currently, only Nigerian ebook download website/app provider. They have a pretty good collection (where else can you find Chimamanda Adichie’s Americanah listed for free?) and have grown considerably since I first discovered the site a few years ago. Visibility on the website has been difficult though as you need to know exactly what you’re looking for to find my work so I hope this new page will make a difference in building a Nigerian based audience (as well as reaching readers who use the app around the world).  I have to admit, I particularly like seeing my name sitting beside former Nigerian president Obasanjo’s…who knows, maybe one day I’ll surpass his impressive download figures. But for now, I’ll just sit back and take a moment to be thankful for all the wonderful little surprises of the last few days.

And then I’ll get back to trying to finish Keepers before 2016 runs away!

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