Sing when you’re winning…Wembley!

pitch 2

So, I sang at Wembley Stadium a couple of weekends ago for the rugby Challenge Cup Final. It’s weird because when I found out we would be doing the gig a few months back I was like, sure, singing at Wembley, whatever, it’s not that big of a deal. No biggie, except…oh my freaking word, I SANG AT WEMBLEY STADIUM!!!! WHAAAAAT!!!! That was pretty much my level of elation as we queued up at 9am to get our passes and go through security checks with about 200 members of my amazing non-audition community choir, London City Voices.

I was so nervous I could feel my rushed breakfast sitting heavily in my belly, but I knew I was with friends who were as equally excited and anxious as I was so the panic somehow subsided as we walked into the venue and settled into the press conference room. Then we had to wait around for a little while before walking on to the pitch for our sound check with the brilliant competition winner, Kathleen Greene, who got to sing the soloist bit for Abide With Me. Okay, so it was actually just the AstroTurf as they were quite manic about us not touching the real grass until game time when we finally got to walk on and face the massive crowd.

I could go on about how great the experience was but words can’t quite describe it. I mean, I’d gone to see Beyonce sing at Wembley last year and there I was, standing on the same pitch, belting out Mr Blue Sky, One Day Like This and Abide With Me in front of nearly 70,000 fans (who cares that they weren’t there to cheer me on, heehee). I thought us singing with Damien Rice at the London Palladium a few years ago could not be topped but, wow! Speechless!


Anyway I thought it best to wait until I’d calmed down a bit before posting this. There were a few issues on the day with the stadium sound guys (booooooo) so if you see any footage on the BBC website, you probably won’t hear much as we weren’t properly miked up and they played our practise session backing track out to the audience when nobody else was meant to hear it (after all the hours of sound checking!). But here is our rehearsal footage of Abide With Me from earlier in the day in the press room. And you know what? For a non-audition choir, I think we did alright.


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