Fangs, but no thanks

Don’t get me wrong, I love vampire tales as much as the next person and I am sadly one of the millions of people mildly obsessed with TV shows like Vampire Diaries and True Blood – plus I have read all the Twilight books (ok, I had no choice, they were sitting in my flat and had to be read or binned) and watched all the movies so far (Team Jacob if you were wondering), but that’s just the problem. Everything in the fantasy world these days seems to be about vampires. Everything. Oh and werewolves and shape shifters and don’t forget the witches. You can’t have a good vampire story without all three of them surfacing at some point. In fact I think I’m now grossly disappointed if I watch a vampire show or movie and it only has vampires in it. My brain keeps wondering why a witch hasn’t appeared out of nowhere to cast a spell on someone or why scantily clad werewolves aren’t strutting across the screen baring their teeth at the pale skinned ones before morphing into oversized dogs (in broad daylight nonetheless). Continue reading

Got Green Milk?

My first post…arghhhh!

Ok, seriously…on my way to work earlier this week I was startled by a bus advert with the lovely image of Ryan Reynolds all dolled up in his Green Lantern suit but with a milk moustache and the slogan “Hero Fuel” beside him. My first thought was “but he’s not even real.” Why would they suggest that his ‘hero’ fuel was milk? Sure, milk has great nutritional benefits but certainly none that would turn an ordinary citizen into a hero. It took a few seconds for my brain to understand that the advert had nothing to do with getting children to drink milk – suggesting that a food item would give anyone superhuman strength has been done and overdone (spinach anyone?). The advert is clearly a marketing ploy by the good people at DC Comics to keep the movie fresh in our minds seeing as the opening date is only a few weeks away. My next thoughts were “shame, shame, shame on them” but then I realised I might have been a bit too harsh on them. After all, the milk campaign adverts have been running for a long time in theUSand this is not the first time anyone has used a seemingly innocent item to sell a product or idea. But I still think Olympic athletes and David Beckham types are more reasonable icons to use for the ads, not superhuman characters. Continue reading