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Inching Towards The Unknown

Everyone knows their height by the time they hit their twenties, right? Wrong! I was recently asked how tall I was by a friend and, with high confidence, I declared what I knew to be my height – 5’ 3 ¾”. I didn’t have to think about it twice. I’d been measured at home numerous times and by an NHS nurse about four years ago so I was certain of this. I wasn’t surprised by the question; my height has always been a topic of discussion and dispute because I (supposedly) look taller than I actually am – all an illusion of long legs and a slender frame. Anyway my friend was convinced I was taller than that and after much “discussion”, I agreed to let myself get measured again.

Oh, the shock I received when the tape was stretched upwards and I read off the new figure – 5’5”. How was that even possible? Aren’t we supposed to stop growing in our late teens or early twenties? Based on this new discovery, had all I learnt in biology at school been wrong? Okay, I didn’t go that far in my mental outcry but I was clearly confused. Continue reading