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The Alternative Lifestyle

The USA television show season is upon us again (I love Septembers!) but as much as I’m looking forward to flexing my remote control hand and working out my trusty Sky+ schedule to avoid any catastrophic show clashes, it has been pointed out to me (on more than one occasion  I might add) that I am wasting too many of my youthful years sitting in front of a telly, staring at the flashing lights and wondering why Damon hasn’t figured out a way to steal Elena away from the much less interesting Stephan.

I have to admit that every now and then, the number of shows on my schedule becomes a little bit overwhelming and I find myself wondering why the hell I’m still trying to follow the ridiculous story lines (Prison Break anyone?) but then the screenwriters do something completely unexpected and I’m sucked right back in (ok, maybe not in the case of Prison Break, that died a sad death somewhere in season 2 but I stubbornly stuck with it till the axe fell).

Anyway the comments got me thinking, what are these alternative activities everyone keeps asking me to indulge in to draw me away from the evil clutches of HBO and The CW? Continue reading