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Short Story 6: Brief Lives

[Feels like I haven’t posted a short story in a while. Another group exercise although I can’t remember where the topic for this came from. I enjoyed writing this one. Hope you like it.]

“I’m so sorry,” Jamie apologised as he stretched his hand out to help the fallen woman.

“That’s ok, I should have been paying more attention,” the woman smiled up at him as she took his hand and pulled herself up.

The second her hand touched his open palm, Jamie felt a slight jolt and had to steady himself. In the next few seconds, he saw it all. Their first date was a cheesy affair at an Italian restaurant he knew well. They both had too much wine but were still restrained enough to save their fist kiss for their second date, a much less contrived meeting at a live act bar where an obscure band they both liked was playing.  She made him laugh a lot and he couldn’t get over how soft her thick locks were when he finally got a chance to run his fingers through them.

When he met her mother and sister, he realised her sparkly eyes were one of many strong family traits and he prayed they would stay together long enough for him to be blessed with children who would share in that gene pool. On the day their first son was born, he realised that he had never loved her more than he did at that moment.


The word snapped Jamie back to reality. Continue reading