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Author Interview and Giveaway of The Other Slipper on Colorimetry

Hurrah! Interview and Giveaway feature of The Other Slipper by Burgundy Ice of Colorimetry. She’s written a lovely intro to the interview as well and has featured the book as part of her (Celebrating) Indie Authors Giveaway Hop. Enjoy!

Interview and Giveaway

Indie Authors Giveaway Hop

Author Interview by Farah Nani and review of The Other Slipper

I was interviewed by Farah Nani of Tumbling In Books, following her earlier review of The Other Slipper (I do love interviews!). She is also hosting a giveaway of the book on her blog so spread the word.


Review of The Other Slipper

Fairytale Giveaway Hop – The Other Slipper

Interview and giveaway of The Other Slipper on Myne Whitman’s Blog, as part of Fairytale Giveaway Hop.