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Twice Upon A Time: Fairytale, Folklore and Myth – Reimagined and Remastered.

Twice upon a time_coverTwice upon a time_back cover

I am so thrilled to be a part of this spectacular fairytale retelling anthology. Twice Upon A Time was put together by editor and blogger Joshua Allen Mercier as a launch for his new publishing house, The Bearded Scribe. Having previously been featured on Joshua’s blog (Aversion review), I was approached earlier this year with an invitation to submit a short story for the launch. Since I’d already tackled Cinderella’s story in my YA novel, The Other Slipper, I figured I would try to come up with something darker for this. About six months later, I submitted my  wacky take on the Sleeping Beauty story, which was accepted (phew!) and now sits alongside about 40 other stories . I hope new and old readers of my work will enjoy the stories, and share your thoughts on them online.

The anticipated release date is the 23rd of December, just in time for a Christmas morning read in bed. I will post more links up in the coming week but, in the meantime, below is the book’s blurb and links to its Youtube book trailer Continue reading

The Other Slipper paperback is finally here!

It’s finally here! I squealed with delight when I got home and saw the  package from Createspace last night. I’m so much more excited about this than I was about the release of the e-version but that’s probably because this feels so much more real (you can probably see that I already bent the cover with all my eager page turning). I had a few last-minute tweaks to make after reviewing the proof (oh, the woes of formatting) and now the book has been approved for distribution in the USA and Europe via Amazon. To be honest, the e-version looks so much more appealing when you look at the cost of the paperback ($9.99 – ah, the colossal cost of printing) but not everyone likes to read off a screen so this will give those people a chance to get a hold of the book. Please spread the word as usual and thank you once again for all your support.

Link for purchase via Createspace is:

I will post the Amazon link once it comes up.

The Drama Queen

Okay, so I’ll admit it – I write drama. Not fast paced action filled fantasy novels like I wish I could, but fairly drawn out dramatization of ideas that my brain cells breed. Why do I feel the need to make this declaration? Well, I’m about a two-thirds of the way through writing my paranormal novella, Aversion (did I mention it’s going to be part of a series), and I’ve been trying to bear in mind some of the comments readers have made when reviewing my other works. Most of the reviews have been positive and have enlightened me on readers’ expectations and even some aspects of the craft of writing, however there are some things I know I can’t or won’t change about my style of writing because they are what makes my work original/mine (enough said about that). Anyway, one recurring point that I thought I could try to tackle was “pace”. Apparently I could do with speeding things up a bit, throw in a few more disasters for the protagonist to struggle through, provide more conflict, that kind of thing. Fairly easy to attempt, right?

Wrong! The more I type and the more I think of ways to incorporate these elements into the novella, the more I realise that this is a false expectation for me. I write slow paced stuff, simple. And maybe I should accept that there is nothing wrong with that.  I write about how people feel, how they react to things that happen to them. How these things slowly (or rapidly) change their perspective of life. Yadidadida. And oh yes, my characters internalize things and brood a lot. Continue reading

Author Interview and Giveaway of The Other Slipper on Colorimetry

Hurrah! Interview and Giveaway feature of The Other Slipper by Burgundy Ice of Colorimetry. She’s written a lovely intro to the interview as well and has featured the book as part of her (Celebrating) Indie Authors Giveaway Hop. Enjoy!

Interview and Giveaway

Indie Authors Giveaway Hop

Author Interview by Farah Nani and review of The Other Slipper

I was interviewed by Farah Nani of Tumbling In Books, following her earlier review of The Other Slipper (I do love interviews!). She is also hosting a giveaway of the book on her blog so spread the word.


Review of The Other Slipper

Short Story 20: Flash Fiction

[This Flash Fiction piece was initiated by James of Fantasy in Motion. It’s called The 3 Minute Story and all we had to do was think up a theme for a story, make up some names for characters, find a timer/stopwatch and start writing! So basically write a story in 3 minutes. Here is the result…wasn’t easy!]

Theme: Fear

Day three. Or maybe it was day four now. Hannah had lost track of time after the last touch. She was sure she hadn’t intended to let them in but it had still happened. There was no way of knowing what had occurred in the time she had been unconscious but she could sense the residue of the fever it always brought with it. Continue reading

The Wonderful Month of May

Just because it’s May (my favourite month in the year – don’t all great things happen in May?), I’m taking 25% off my two YA fantasy novels, The Other Slipper (a fairytale retelling) and The Altercation of Vira at

To claim the discounts on Smashwords, use coupon code MY47Q for The Altercation of Vira and SD49T for The Other Slipper. Offer is valid till 31st of May.