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And…it’s out! Keepers – Book Three of The Mentalist Series


I won’t say much in this post as I have been going on about this for months but, KEEPERS is finally out! I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped throughout this process – Okey, Neso, Dumebi, Pi-lin, Chizoba, Cherese, Farah and Donna – you guys are absolute rock stars! If Oscars/BAFTAs (insert award ceremony as you feel appropriate) were being given out right now, y’all would be on the stage with me, glowing but trying not to gloat too much, heehee. Mario, Frances and Nnenna, thanks for commenting on the cover and listening to me worry endlessly about the right level of blue to include for the mist! Mum, Dad, Chi, Ekechi and Dana your emotional support has literally been lifesaving. I love you all and really hope all your faith in my work will not be in vain. I’ll shut up now.


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Keepers (Mentalist Series #3) Cover Reveal and Release Date

It’s taken much longer than I thought to get here (yes, its been two and a half years since the release of Broken Ties – what!!??!!), but it’s finally done! Sort of…last few edits are still happening but methinks it’s safe to finally announce a release date for the third (and final) book in the Mentalist Series! If you’re a little confused as there are already three released books, Broken Ties is the series prequel so it’s technically book 0.5. But I digress! My Facebook and Twitter followers were treated to a peek of the cover of Keepers on Thursday Continue reading

What’s The Word for “Averter” in German?

Aversion opener_German

My blog posts this year continue to be sporadic (please accept my apologies) but it feels apt to share this with you in the week that Germany won the FIFA World Cup. Ready? Drum roll, please – Aversion, the first book in the Mentalist Series, is being translated into German by the very lovely and skillful Jana Kӧbel. Jana currently writes book and movie reviews in English and German on her blog and, with a degree in English Linguistic and Literature, she is branching out into translation services. I am really excited to be working with her on this as it is a first for both of us. The German translation will, hopefully, be ready for release in 2015.

At the moment we are running into unexpected but funny conundrums like finding the right word for Averter in German, seeing as there is no direct translation for the word. For fun, I typed in “My name is Gemma Green and I am an Averter” in Microsoft Word and got “Mein Name ist Gemma grün und ich bin ein Zaubermittel” which translates to Continue reading

Guest Post on Flutterby Room (Character Interview)

Today, I’ve shared a guest post on the blog “Flutterby Room” in the form of a character interview with Gemma Green (of Aversion). Click here for the link.