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Author Interview on German Blog – Lora Liest

It feels like forever since I last participated in an author interview, so when I was asked to do so by German blogger Loralee of Lora Liest, I was pretty excited to put on my thinking-hat once again. Here are links to the post in German and also in English.

[Blick über den Terrand] mit Autorin Kenechi Udogu

[A view beyond the box] Interview with Kenechi Udogu


Aversion in German is finally here – Die Gedankenwenderin (Mentalisten-Serie, #1)

Roughly seventeen months after my initially post about the German translation of Aversion (I promise, I wasn’t counting the days), I am so pleased to finally announce it’s here! Well, nearly here…more like 11th December, but it can be purchased on pre-order now from a multitude of ebook sites (Amazon, iBooks,, Smashwords). The list of available outlets is still growing and I will post these when they become available.


Für Gemma Green hätte das erste Mal ein Kinderspiel sein sollen: Finde deine Zielperson, blicke ihnen tief in die Augen und pushe einen Gedanken in ihren Kopf, um sie vor zukünftigen Katastrophen zu bewahren – Gedankenwendung vollbracht! Ein ziemlich einfacher Prozess, wenn man bedenkt, dass die Zielperson später keine Erinnerung an die Erfahrung haben sollte. Aber Russel Tanner scheint nicht vergessen zu wollen. Im Gegenteil, je mehr sie ihm aus dem Weg geht, desto mehr drängt er darauf sie näher kennenzulernen. Gemma weiß, dass sie in Schwierigkeiten ist, aber hat sie es mit den Nebenwirkungen einer schiefgegangenen Gedankenwendung zu tun oder hat sich der Tennis-Champion der Schule wirklich in sie verliebt?


First of all, I would like to thank the amazing Jana Koebel who offered to take this task on in the first place (what do I know about translations?!) and who spent a crazy amount of time working on turning my gabbled English into fluent German. She also did a ton of other work like getting the .epub and .mobi files set up correctly and finding a cover designer, including translating all my annoying micromanaging Continue reading

What’s The Word for “Averter” in German?

Aversion opener_German

My blog posts this year continue to be sporadic (please accept my apologies) but it feels apt to share this with you in the week that Germany won the FIFA World Cup. Ready? Drum roll, please – Aversion, the first book in the Mentalist Series, is being translated into German by the very lovely and skillful Jana Kӧbel. Jana currently writes book and movie reviews in English and German on her blog and, with a degree in English Linguistic and Literature, she is branching out into translation services. I am really excited to be working with her on this as it is a first for both of us. The German translation will, hopefully, be ready for release in 2015.

At the moment we are running into unexpected but funny conundrums like finding the right word for Averter in German, seeing as there is no direct translation for the word. For fun, I typed in “My name is Gemma Green and I am an Averter” in Microsoft Word and got “Mein Name ist Gemma grün und ich bin ein Zaubermittel” which translates to Continue reading