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Where The Pen Drops – Guest Post on Penelope Reece’s Blog

It’s been a busy week in Kenny’s world. Today, you can read the guest post I wrote (“Where The Pen Drops”) on Penelope Reece’s blog (she’s the author of the YA paranormal novel Phantasma). She’s also written a review of Aversion. Click here for the link.

Guest Post on Flutterby Room (Character Interview)

Today, I’ve shared a guest post on the blog “Flutterby Room” in the form of a character interview with Gemma Green (of Aversion). Click here for the link.

Guest Post on Blkoniser’s Book Blog

I’m really happy to share a guest post I wrote for Blkosiner’s Book Blog on My Top Ten Fantasy/Paranormal TV Shows. Click here to read it. Oh, and there is also a giveaway 🙂

The Battle of Amore – Guest post on LovLivLife Reviews

Hi people. You can read my latest guest post on LovLivLife Reviews titled  The Battle of Amore.

It’s basically me having a dig at “Insta-love” and “Love triangles”. We all know how much I like to rant. Enjoy!

Romance is in the Air Blog Hop (via Colorimetry) – Aversion feature and Guest Post

I’m really delighted to share that Aversion is being featured on Colorimetry as part of the Romance is in the Air Blog Hop! How cool is that? There is a guest post written by me titled “The Power of One” and also a chance to enter a giveaway. What are you waiting for? Click away!

Colorimetry – Romance is in the Air Blog Hop

Aversion Blog Tour Day 12: Sparkles and Lightning

aversionblogtoursparkleslightningIt’s the penultimate day of the tour! How quickly did time fly? Day 12 brings us to the amazing blog of Annabelle of Sparkles and Lightning for a review, guest post (yes, another one written by me, titled “Our Flawed Heroes”) and a giveaway. Click here for a link to her blog.

“Aversion” Blog Tour Day 10: Reading…Dreaming

aversionblogtourToday, I am pleased to announce that we have our first guest post feature called “Creating An Averter” (written by yours truly) and a review from the wonderful, wonderful Ruty of Reading…Dreaming (Books Are My Way of Living). To read the guest post and the review, click here. Enjoy!