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Pet Peeves List #1

courtesy of freedigitalphotos_Mister GC

Only 5 at the moment but you know this list will grow…

  1. People who chuck out an entire kettle of boiled water because re-boiling it means it loses its oxygen! Wasting a whole kettle of water! I DO NOT CARE ABOUT DEOXYGENATED WATER FOR MY TEA! It’s only a cup of tea! The number of times I’ve had to bite my tongue when I boil a kettle at work, nip out of the kitchen for a bit only to return to find someone boiling a fresh batch. Urgh!
  2. All those lovely ladies who wear high heels and stumble/waddle as a result. If you are going to cause observers to have a mini heart attack with every step you take, then don’t wear heels. Accept your height or practise in your room until you can grace the world with an acceptable walk (for the record, I occasionally wear heels so I am allowed to make this comment).
  3. The First World myth that reheating food is bad for you. Someone went as far as admitting to me that he thinks chicken tastes funny the day after so he always chucks his leftovers. Really? All chicken dishes? I stopped myself from asking if he kept the cooked chicken in a cupboard or something. It’s different if the argument is that food loses its nutritional value with multiple heat applications. Or if it is cream or something that actually smells like it has gone off. I know there have been countless cases of food poisoning from reheated food but, if your fridge/freezer is cool enough and your oven/microwave/hob nukes the meal to a reasonable degree, there is absolutely nothing to fear. I (and a few million people in the world) am living proof of this!
  4. Don’t get me started on false reviews. And I am not talking about reviews for my books. Stupid reviews in general. I once read a review on Amazon where the person admitted to not reading the book but gave it a single star rating because she thought she wouldn’t like it. Seriously???!!! Someone on Goodreads reviewed a book that hasn’t been released based on its cover. She gave it five stars. Why? Because the content is the same as the cover? Who are these people?
  5. And finally, joggers in central London who give pedestrian evil glares at rush hour. I was walking to work one morning and stopped to cross the road at a traffic light. A jogger from behind almost ran into me and swore profusely before continuing on his jog. Clearly if he was not so focused on jogging and had considered the fact that regular walking people have to stop and wait at traffic lights, he would have realised the idiocy of his anger.  He was not the first jogger I’d encountered who expressed rage over pedestrians being in their way. It’s a freaking pavement – if you want to jog in central London with no one in your way at 8.45 in the morning, find a park!

Rant over. And I feel so much better!

Brrrrrrrrrrrr…snow and it’s April!

london weather 1 london weather 2

April 4th 2013


Temperature – Highs of 4°C, feels like -3°C

Precipitation – Light snow and showers

Wind – NE 29kmph

A few months ago I promised myself I would resist the urge to moan about the weather on this blog (it’s much too English a trait and I’ve been sucked into it many times).  But here I am, breaking that promise.

I repeat, APRIL 4TH 2013, LONDON! The text above doesn’t read January 4th or Alaska. So why the hell was it snowing when I left my house this morning? Light snow grains, yes, but it’s April! Supposedly springtime! Snow should be nowhere on the forecast. It’s meant to be in the low teens (at least), so why am I wearing my winter jacket, scarf and gloves to commute to work? Why is my desk side heater on? Why has the snowfall steadily increased over the last few hours outside my window? Why don’t I believe the forecast for 11°C next week that I’ve seen touted around on weather sites?

As I said, I promised myself I would refrain from moaning about the weather on this blog so I won’t go on about this. It just had to be mentioned…

Smells like summer

Pepe le Pew

I recently had the pleasure of reading Patrick Suskind’s “Perfume” and was overwhelmed by the skill with which he captured the smells of eighteenth century France, particularly the overcrowded city of Paris. He described stenches so foul that our twenty first century pampered orifices would struggle to cope with even a smidgen of the rancid odours. At some point I wasn’t sure whether to feel revolted or ecstatic at the thought of perceiving some of the smells he described. Thankfully I didn’t get carried away and try to recreate anything pungent. There were many reasons for the odours around in those days and most of them were due to poor hygiene and incurable diseases – no one in their right mind would want to recreate that!

But as much as it is fine to spare a thought for those who lived in those days, I still find the assault of the stenches in our modern day cities too much to bear, especially in the summer months. Although we have been saved from the combined stench of food rotting in streets, decaying diseased bodies, overflowing sewers and unwashed bodies, we are faced with an inexcusable dilemma created by the lazy and the vain. In London today, the worst offending human odours can be narrowed down to three – eggy suntan lotions, bad breath and body odour.

Why, oh why would anyone want to smell of rotten eggs? I’m lucky enough not to need to tan and I have to admit I don’t get the whole thought process, but I’m willing to not judge people who feel the need to appear a completely different colour from what they are naturally meant to be. What I can’t understand is why in supposed developed countries, someone hasn’t found a way to outlaw the lotions that make anyone standing ten meters away from the offending body retch constantly until they find a way to escape the air space. Apparently the chemical that causes this smell is called dihydroxyacetone and companies try to mask the smell with essential oils, but they tend to start smelling a couple hours after application. DIHYDROXYACETONE! I don’t know about you but that just sounds freaking scary to me. Let your skin breathe people! Let it breathe! Continue reading