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Twice Upon A Time: Fairytale, Folklore and Myth – Reimagined and Remastered.

Twice upon a time_coverTwice upon a time_back cover

I am so thrilled to be a part of this spectacular fairytale retelling anthology. Twice Upon A Time was put together by editor and blogger Joshua Allen Mercier as a launch for his new publishing house, The Bearded Scribe. Having previously been featured on Joshua’s blog (Aversion review), I was approached earlier this year with an invitation to submit a short story for the launch. Since I’d already tackled Cinderella’s story in my YA novel, The Other Slipper, I figured I would try to come up with something darker for this. About six months later, I submitted my  wacky take on the Sleeping Beauty story, which was accepted (phew!) and now sits alongside about 40 other stories . I hope new and old readers of my work will enjoy the stories, and share your thoughts on them online.

The anticipated release date is the 23rd of December, just in time for a Christmas morning read in bed. I will post more links up in the coming week but, in the meantime, below is the book’s blurb and links to its Youtube book trailer Continue reading


The Yam Po Club now on Amazon and Smashwords

The Yam Po Club cover 3After many months of posting The Yam Po Club on this blog and on Wattpad, I’ve finally taken the story down and put it up on Amazon and Smashwords for sale. It will also appear shortly on  iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Sony and Kobo. Thanks again to everyone who followed the story here and on Wattpad. Your comments were very greatly appreciated. Now, it’s time to get all those other people who missed out on the freebie version to click on the links and join in on Onyebuchi’s story. I’ve included the blurb below and links to sites where it’s available at the moment.


The Yam Po Club

Boarding school – a painful rite of passage which remains forever etched in memories long after the days of confinement are over. At least that’s the impression Onyebuchi has been given by her older brother. The idea of leaving home is daunting, yet exciting, as she embarks on her first term at an all girls’ boarding secondary school in Enugu. Onyebuchi soon makes friends with two girls who have just arrived from outside the country, Funke from the UK and Nnenna from the USA. Together, the girls navigate a series of trying experiences that will test the limits of their bond.
Set in the early nineties, The Yam Po Club is a coming of age story about a group of girls who defy the odds to form a lasting friendship and survive the many trials of boarding school life.

Get it at

Amazon US

Amazon UK


Writer vs Architect – The Perils of a Two Headed Monster

I attended a charity event last night and as always happens when a group of strangers are gathered in any space and forced to communicate, people began to ask each other what they do for a living. Pretty straightforward question, right? Yes, I am an architect by profession and should gladly saunter around rooms sharing this piece of information with anyone who has five seconds to spare (after eight years of studying to qualify as one, who wouldn’t?). But as you all know, I carry two heavy heads on my not so sturdy shoulders. I had been specially prepped by my companion for the night (a.k.a my sister/unofficial agent) to respond “writer” and not “architect”. Why? Because as a “writer” I need more exposure than I do as an “architect”. And partly because writer sure as hell sounds more interesting than architect – at least I think it does. I’m also, admittedly, more passionate about writing than I am about building design. Architecture has been a big part of my life for fifteen years, writing – over twenty years! I don’t go to bed thinking about what detail to add to the building project I’m working on but I stay up into the wee hours of the morning typing out ideas or staring up at the ceiling trying to piece a plot together for my novels. I don’t walk around London taking note of designs and sketching details but I write on the tube, on the bus, waiting for a friend to arrive at a venue…you get the picture. Writing is a part of who I am. Architecture is my job.

But last night, the first five or so people I spoke with received the slightly meek response of “architect” as I glanced around the room filled with high achievers, politicians and celebrities. My brain couldn’t quite bring itself to say the word – writer. I’m self-published and haven’t sold a million books (yet) so despite all I have achieved in my writing career (novels/novellas, dozens of short stories) I’m not used to introducing myself as a writer. These days the stigma of not being picked up by a publishing house is long gone (Fifty Shades of Grey and a multitude of other books have helped to dispel this) but a lot of people still ask who you’re with and I find it a bit tiring to explain my chosen route. Even worse, when I finally managed to squeak out the word “writer” to one girl, I got asked for my business card and I had to admit I had none. I think I hung my head in shame for a little while after that.

One of the girls I revealed my writing abilities suggested I call myself an “author” if I though that “writer” didn’t quite fit the bill. After all, a writer can be anyone who writes anything Continue reading