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Poetry 3: To Love

To Love is to Feel

To Feel is to Hurt

To Hurt is to Live

To Live is to Die.


Poetry 2: The Couple

[This is a Valentine’s Day poem I attempted last year. It’s pretty short but I like it so thought I’d post it for all the couples out there. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone – albeit a day early as I won’t have access to the internet to post this tomorrow.]

Jest about it

Brood about it

Laugh about it

Fret about it

Argue about it

Even pray about it

Just don’t forget about it.

Poetry 1: I was down that road before

 [I don’t usually write poems, because I’m not really sure how to and I don’t think I’m good at it, but we had a group exercise set a couple of weeks ago to expand on the opening words “I was down that road before” and for some reason, a poem is what came to me so I decided to give it a shot. It might need some more work in future but we’ll see if I ever get the courage to return to it.]


I  was down that road before

In another lifetime

When dreams seemed attainable

And hope was more than a feeling

Now all I gleam are passing shadows

Of a life that could have been

So when I’m glum

I pause and remember

That dreams that haven’t come true

Were probably never meant to be.