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Aversion in German is finally here – Die Gedankenwenderin (Mentalisten-Serie, #1)

Roughly seventeen months after my initially post about the German translation of Aversion (I promise, I wasn’t counting the days), I am so pleased to finally announce it’s here! Well, nearly here…more like 11th December, but it can be purchased on pre-order now from a multitude of ebook sites (Amazon, iBooks,, Smashwords). The list of available outlets is still growing and I will post these when they become available.


Für Gemma Green hätte das erste Mal ein Kinderspiel sein sollen: Finde deine Zielperson, blicke ihnen tief in die Augen und pushe einen Gedanken in ihren Kopf, um sie vor zukünftigen Katastrophen zu bewahren – Gedankenwendung vollbracht! Ein ziemlich einfacher Prozess, wenn man bedenkt, dass die Zielperson später keine Erinnerung an die Erfahrung haben sollte. Aber Russel Tanner scheint nicht vergessen zu wollen. Im Gegenteil, je mehr sie ihm aus dem Weg geht, desto mehr drängt er darauf sie näher kennenzulernen. Gemma weiß, dass sie in Schwierigkeiten ist, aber hat sie es mit den Nebenwirkungen einer schiefgegangenen Gedankenwendung zu tun oder hat sich der Tennis-Champion der Schule wirklich in sie verliebt?


First of all, I would like to thank the amazing Jana Koebel who offered to take this task on in the first place (what do I know about translations?!) and who spent a crazy amount of time working on turning my gabbled English into fluent German. She also did a ton of other work like getting the .epub and .mobi files set up correctly and finding a cover designer, including translating all my annoying micromanaging Continue reading


The Summer of Brian – Rebranding

The Summer of Brian cover

Seeing as I’m a sucker for over working myself, I recently decided to rebrand some of my older books. The covers for Aversion and Sentient kind of stand out from the rest and I’ve wanted to give my other novels a makeover for some time now. So, I started with the short and sweet “The Summer of Brian”. Funny thing about this novella is that I’ve never marketed it like I’ve done for the others, yet it has been my fastest selling work and given me the most total sales (I think it’s probably out sold all the others put together). Shocking! Anyway I thought I’d give it some TLC first, seeing as it’s been so good to me. Like all my other covers, I’ve gone for a simple theme – single(ish) item in the middle of a page. Hope you like it.

The Battle of Amore – Guest post on LovLivLife Reviews

Hi people. You can read my latest guest post on LovLivLife Reviews titled  The Battle of Amore.

It’s basically me having a dig at “Insta-love” and “Love triangles”. We all know how much I like to rant. Enjoy!

Sabriel Lirael Abhorsen

I’m terrified of zombies. I don’t just mean zombies in the fictional context, I mean the idea of our real life planet Earth one day being consumed by toxic fumes which rots our brains and turn us into dribbling cannibals. Okay, I know it sounds irrational (I get funny stares whenever I admit this to people) but it’s a fear I’ve had since I first watched Night of The Living Dead many, many years ago and I’ve never known how to shake it. I even had nightmares after watching Shaun of the Dead (don’t laugh). As you can imagine, now I make it a rule to watch as few zombie movies as I can.

So when I had a book trilogy about necromancy recommended to me by a friend, I shocked myself by ordering all three of them. We share the same taste in fiction so I figured that they had to be okay (having over 100,000 ratings collectively on Goodreads didn’t hurt either). Was I surprised? Oh, yes! Very pleasantly so. The first in the series was released a couple of years before the  Harry Potter madness consumed the world so I’d seen a few reviewers comparing the two series online but after reading them, I realised they are nothing alike. This series is much darker, funnier and was enjoyable for me. And the best part? Pure adventure with very little romance thrown in. It was really refreshing to read a book written about teenagers/for teenagers that had female protagonists who weren’t obsessed with finding love. I got some stick about The Other Slipper not having much romance in it and I was starting to doubt my decision to cut out the love story I had planned initially for Jo, but after reading this series, I felt much better about my choice. Oh and I loved that Gareth Nix was not afraid to head hop as much as he wanted (take that “head hopping police”! Kapow!). I’ve been told off by some reviewers for doing this but if multimillion dollar bestselling authors Gareth Nix and Alexander McCall Smith can do it, why can’t Kenechi Udogu? Continue reading

Romance is in the Air Blog Hop (via Colorimetry) – Aversion feature and Guest Post

I’m really delighted to share that Aversion is being featured on Colorimetry as part of the Romance is in the Air Blog Hop! How cool is that? There is a guest post written by me titled “The Power of One” and also a chance to enter a giveaway. What are you waiting for? Click away!

Colorimetry – Romance is in the Air Blog Hop

“Aversion” Blog Tour Day 9: Paranormal Opinion (Part 1)

aversionblogtourParanormalOpinionWe have the first part of Tishia’s involvement (from Paranormal Opinion) in the tour today. Click here for a link to her blog where you’ll find an excerpt and a chance for a giveaway. Her review of Aversion will be featured on her blog tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

“Aversion” Excerpt: Chapter One

It’s been one week since Aversion’s launch date and I’m still pretty pumped. I thought I’d share Chapter One on here as a taster for those who haven’t had a chance to read the excerpts on Amazon and Smashwords yet. Enjoy!

Aversion - Cover reveal


My name is Gemma Green and I am an Averter. You’re probably wondering what that means and why it is important for me to state that I am one. On the surface there is not much difference between me and most other fifteen year old girls, except for the fact that I have the ability to alter people’s minds and stop them from carrying out actions that will unhinge their predestined life paths. I know it sounds impossible but trust me, it’s true. Only another Averter will be able to tell what I am from sight. Well, not really sight. We have the ability to sense things that others overlook. For example, I always know when I’m being lied to. I can’t tell what the exact lie is but I get a knot in my stomach every time I hear one; the bigger the lie, the tighter the knot. It’s clearly not the most enjoyable ability for anyone to have but the older we get, the easier it becomes to tune the feelings out. You eventually get to a point where the only person’s emotions you can tune into is the person you are assigned to. But I’ll get to that later.

I live in a town called Sandes where my Dad works as a handyman and I go to school with all the normal kids. Dad’s job is convenient because he is his own boss and we can leave town whenever we have to without raising too much suspicion. You can only stay in a town for four years, tailing the people you are assigned to, before you have to move on to another location. That way we don’t get too attached to anyone and people also don’t figure out what is happening to them. All Averters with young children have to live in small towns so that they can teach their children to master their abilities in a controlled environment. Imagine having to grow up in a city with millions of people throwing out millions of vibes all the time. Only adults who have mastered their craft could survive the surge.

The other tiny little thing is, according to my Dad, I am a bit of an anomaly as I am the only known female Averter that exists. I don’t know why but our kind have always been men. Our lives are pretty much dictated from the start; a male baby is born from a union between a chosen woman and an Averter. The child is cared for by his mother for a year then handed over to the father, never to see his mother again. The father teaches him his responsibilities and at the age of twenty one, the son must carry on the tradition of our kind by creating a child with a chosen woman. That’s our circle of life. Son begets son begets son, until there was me. Dad knew being a girl would make my future as an Averter different but as he wasn’t sure how things would work out for me, he decided to bring me up exactly as his father brought him up. Study, study, study.

Once I had accepted all that I was meant to be, I realised that frivolous fancies and silly romantic notions were for the girls in my school and not for me. Why think about make-up and boys and all that nonsense when I knew that I had only four years to live in a town and that the clock to my age of motherhood was ticking? The way I saw it, if I couldn’t have the life that they had, the freedom to choose what to do with my life, there was no point pining for it. It would have been as dumb as craving chocolate milkshake when you’re allergic to cocoa. Plain stupid when my future was practically set in stone.

But then I had my first real jolt. Not the sensation I already mentioned that we feel when people are being dishonest. No, the jolts are much more than that. They are what you get when you sense that someone is going to do something really bad pretty soon. Like drink driving their father’s car into the path of a truck, killing two passenger friends and ending a very promising tennis career. I had never felt anything so strong and so horrible before Continue reading