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Sabriel Lirael Abhorsen

I’m terrified of zombies. I don’t just mean zombies in the fictional context, I mean the idea of our real life planet Earth one day being consumed by toxic fumes which rots our brains and turn us into dribbling cannibals. Okay, I know it sounds irrational (I get funny stares whenever I admit this to people) but it’s a fear I’ve had since I first watched Night of The Living Dead many, many years ago and I’ve never known how to shake it. I even had nightmares after watching Shaun of the Dead (don’t laugh). As you can imagine, now I make it a rule to watch as few zombie movies as I can.

So when I had a book trilogy about necromancy recommended to me by a friend, I shocked myself by ordering all three of them. We share the same taste in fiction so I figured that they had to be okay (having over 100,000 ratings collectively on Goodreads didn’t hurt either). Was I surprised? Oh, yes! Very pleasantly so. The first in the series was released a couple of years before the  Harry Potter madness consumed the world so I’d seen a few reviewers comparing the two series online but after reading them, I realised they are nothing alike. This series is much darker, funnier and was enjoyable for me. And the best part? Pure adventure with very little romance thrown in. It was really refreshing to read a book written about teenagers/for teenagers that had female protagonists who weren’t obsessed with finding love. I got some stick about The Other Slipper not having much romance in it and I was starting to doubt my decision to cut out the love story I had planned initially for Jo, but after reading this series, I felt much better about my choice. Oh and I loved that Gareth Nix was not afraid to head hop as much as he wanted (take that “head hopping police”! Kapow!). I’ve been told off by some reviewers for doing this but if multimillion dollar bestselling authors Gareth Nix and Alexander McCall Smith can do it, why can’t Kenechi Udogu? Continue reading


Aversion Blog Tour: 7th – 19th January 2013


I’m so pleased to announce that the blog tour for Aversion (hosted by Tumbling In Books) is starting next Monday 7th January. There will be reviews, excerpts, guest posts, author and character interviews – so, plenty for everyone to get a good feel for the story. I will provide a daily link to each post on here but below is a copy of the tour schedule for anyone who would like to follow the tour on their own. Let the tour commence!

7th January – Tumbling In Books  (Start of Tour)
8th January – Book Twirps
9th January – Writer of Wrongs
10th January – The Book Rogue
11th January – Pages of Forbidden Love
12th January – Open the Page
13th January – Some Like It Paranormal
14th January – Better Read Than Dead
15th January – Paranormal Opinion
16th January – Reading… Dreaming
17th January – BooksBooks&MoreBooks
18th January – Sparkles and Lightning
19th January – Book Cover Justice

This Week In Kenny’s World (5) – Aversion Cover Reveal Date and Christmas Anthology

My, my, my! We’ve been busy this past week in Kenechi land (but I’ll try and keep this short). I’m very pleased to announce that there will be a cover reveal for Aversion (Book One of The Mentalist Series) on Friday 16th November. This will feature on this blog and on some other bloggers’ pages so keep an eye out for it. Also, I’m doubly excited to share that my short story, The Clause, has been accepted as part of a Christmas anthology for a UK Charity. I know! Terribly exciting news. It is due out end of the month and I will post more details on here when things are all sorted out.

In other news, The Altercation of Vira was reviewed by Martha of BooksBooks&MoreBooks last Thursday and Annabelle of Sparkles and Lightning included The Other Slipper as a giveway book as part of her Blogoversary Celebrations. There are also still a couple of tour slots available for Aversion’s three weeks book blog tour in January (only 3 spaces left I think) so if you want to sign up, now is the time to do so (courtesy of Tumbling in Books).

That’s it for now but watch this space.

What The Sequel Told Me

  1. Romance is superficial and in Part 2/Book 2 (or 3 or 4 even), the protagonist will move on from that love interest we spent an hour and a half or 400 pages rooting for.
  2. Villains can (and will) survive falls from great heights or explosions. Continue reading