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The Thrill

It took a lot of convincing to get me seated at the Lyric Theatre waiting to be entertained by the cast of Thriller Live. Anyone that knows me knows that I love my musicals, my sister and I have probably gone to every musical worth seeing in the West End…and that includes some awful ones as well. I wasn’t convinced that Thriller would be any good partly because I assumed it would be a musical with a storyline that, like Mama Mia, would work in Michael Jackson songs at every turn. I don’t dislike the concept at all, Mama Mia was fantastic when I saw it in theatre (the movie is a different story – Pierce Brosnan should remember singing is not for everyone) and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good show however I also saw We Will Rock You in theatre and that is where the problem lies. Although the singing was really good, from the start it was clear that the storyline was going to be weak – in fact it was almost nonexistent. By the time we stood up to leave, our heads were filled with wonderful Queen tunes but we were so confused by everything else that I was pretty sure some of our braincells had been left behind as well. Continue reading

Sing it from the heart

I’m really excited about this post. A friend of mine has a single which is being released  soon and its a pretty good song (which sounds even more amazing live – and i’m not just saying that because I know him). It’s getting some airplay on the radio as well (it’s on Surrey’s Brooklands Radio on Sunday) so please ring in and request it if it comes to your local station. Even better, buy it on itunes when it comes out. I’m hoping this will be the first of many music themed posts on here. Support good music people!

Short Story 5: Flash fiction

[My recent attempt at flash fiction, less than 100 words.]

She took a deep breath and jumped.

Her body hit the hard earth, rolling till it came to a stop a few feet away. She didn’t have time to worry about her throbbing wrists and ankles, not when she couldn’t see anything around her. Her legs propelled her towards the only light in the distance, headlights speeding away on what looked like a motorway.

Silence behind her; civilization drawing closer by the second, sweet freedom looming.

Then she heard it, but not from behind her as she had feared.

“Where do you think you’re going sweetheart?”

Now I’m a believer

Up until last week, whenever anyone talked to me about taking vitamins daily I would laugh and give a lengthy speech on how I didn’t think supplements worked. Like most adults trying to lead a healthy life I had tried taking some in the past but instead of rejuvenating me, I felt physically sick and/or ravenous. Almost like my body was rebelling against the meds. And I hadn’t even been scrimping; I had gone for the all singing and dancing pricey tablets which claimed to be better than all the other brands. Huge disappointments all round.

But then three weeks ago, for some strange reason I was discussing health issues with a client on a project I’m currently working on and she suggested I start taking vitamins (don’t ask me why, maybe I looked a bit frail to her). As usual I fed her my well hashed story and thought it would be left at that but on my way home I stopped off at my local pharmacy to pick up some toiletries and decided to throw in the cheapest store brand pack of multivitamins with iron tablets they had. Maybe I took the tablets because my subconscious was begging me to do something about the dark circles that had developed under my eyes over the last six months; circles that never go away, even with sleep. The next day I started to take the tablets without thinking much of it. Continue reading