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Happy 1st Birthday To The Other Slipper!

Can you believe it? It’s been a year already! Thanks to everyone who has supported my dream by buying an e-copy of The Other Slipper. I’ve had positive reviews on various book review blogs, Amazon and Goodreads and I’m really grateful to all those who felt passionate enough about the story to talk about it. In recognition of this lovely anniversary, I’m looking into releasing a paperback copy pretty soon (thank God for CreateSpace) and I am currently going through all the formatting, editing, etc to get it right for printing (I now almost understand why publishers charge so much money for this!). It will be available via Amazon online stores so I will keep you guys posted. Exciting!

Short Story 23: Flash Fiction

Today we cross the River Toal in an attempt to breach the gates of Groath. Our quest to save the princess has brought us into this strange realm, much further from home than we have ever ventured, but we cannot allow ourselves to become disheartened. True warriors must sometimes walk the path of loneliness to achieve greatness. If we are successful in battling the guards at the gates, tomorrow we move on to Seram to find the Light That Never Fades. Our mentor implored us to seek this true beacon out to…

“Jacob, honey, your dinner is ready.”

Urgh! Why now?

“Is that your mother again?” the Russian inquired with an impatient sigh.

“Sounds like her,” the South African concurred.

“Can’t she bring your food up to your room? That’s what I make my mum do.” the girl from Canada suggested.

“Just skip it. I survived on crisps and Cola for two days the week The Soldiers of Ixora came out.” This unhelpful input came from the Australian. I could picture him sitting in his own filth in a dark room as he munched on large curls of oven dried potatoes.  Then again, I had never met him so the image I had in my head was of the avatar that graced the side of my computer screen.

Adjusting  my headset,  I considered the logic of their suggestions. It was already past eight and Mum must have delayed her dinner shout especially for me.  She knew how cranky I got when my game sessions were interrupted by Continue reading

This Week In Kenny’s World…3

So, this week Caeblogs reached a milestone – it passed the 10,000 hits mark! Hurrah! A big thank you to everyone who has stopped by over the last 16 months and made this possible.

I also signed up to Wattpad and I intend to post my short stories on there, starting with most of the ones I’ve posted here already. Feel free to check out my page whenever you’re free. And as always, please spread the word. Thanks.

Short Story 22: Flash Fiction – One Headlight

Today was the day he was going to give her everything she had wanted. That elusive ring she’d hinted at for the first three years they’d been together then stopped mentioning in the last two. That house in the suburbs with the large back garden and white picket fence where they would raise the children she’d always wanted. Even the haircut he should have had a few months ago. He was going to do it all. The near miss he’d had with the lorry as he drove home that evening had imparted the fleetingness of his life on him. Like people said it would, his life had flashed before his eyes and all he had seen was Jenna. Nothing and no one else. That had to mean something. He was going to make it up to her from today. He smiled as he stepped into the flat, the adrenaline coursing through his veins gave him the boost he needed to carry out his mission. He only stopped short at the stark absence of the seaside watercolour she had painted and proudly hung up in the hallway. Then he began to notice the other things.


Today was the day she was going to leave him. She had spent a long time waiting for Jason to realise that she existed and then spent even longer waiting for him to acknowledge that her aspirations and dreams mattered too. At first she’d carried some hope that he would open his eyes to what was in front of him but in the end she’d stayed around because splitting rent and holiday expenses with him was convenient. She didn’t think he even noticed that she’d stopped texting him whenever she saw a billboard that reminded her of the first time they’d met at the seaside.  Harry had waited in his car as she took one last look at the flat she had shared with Jason for the last few years.  It had taken her this long to accept that she could Continue reading

Guilty Pleasures

So, I went to see The Expendables 2 a few weeks ago (despite the fact that everyone thought we were crazy to pay money to see it on the big screen) and as expected for a child who grew up in the 80s/90s watching  every single action movie that was produced (I blame my Dad), I really really liked it! Not loved it, but really x 2 liked it. Tongue in cheek humour, check. Things being blown up for no reason, check. Bad guys with accents who want world domination of some sort, check. The cast list was a chronicle of my childhood (Sly, Arnie, Norris, Willis, Van Damme, Lundgren) but there was the notable absence of one Mr Steven Seagal (was he really not in it because he was overweight?). Apparently he has been offered a role in Part 3. Yes, I said it The Expendables 3!!! Can’t wait. Highlights of Part 2 – Chuck Norris popping up every where to reprise his one man against the baddies role, Arnold’s continuous “I’ll be back” jokes, the inclusion of Dolph Lundgren’s real life MIT genius brain in the story line and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Van Damme being brilliant (and hot) as a bad guy! Okay, so he didn’t take away from Chris Hemworth’s beauty but he was so bad-ass that now I can watch the Coors Light ads and laugh along with him instead of wondering why the hell he is in them.

In similar news, I am actually a bit excited about the last Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn 2) coming out in November. Yes, another guilty secret is that I have seen them all in cinema and I have read all the books (I blame my older sister for forcing them on me). I saw the preview on the MTV VMA Awards and cringed when I remembered the whole incident with Jacob and Bella’s daughter but I was still excited. Continue reading

Hair Today…

After eleven months of carrying shoulder length braids (and pretending my hair was much longer than it actually was), I decided it was time to take them out and do something different for a change. I’ve always been a little adventurous with my hair – bleach and dye were once my very good friends – and so it wasn’t much of a surprise that I wanted to do something interesting now that I had my real hair to play with again. But what? My main worry was that I am getting a little too old to have silly hair cuts with splashes of vibrant colours (although judging from my recent black, red and bronze hair, this rule clearly does not apply to braids). I’m already paranoid about looking younger than my age and not being taken seriously. I was concerned that attempting to jazz up my hair could make this worse. But I also figured that if I’m ever going to get away with hair silliness again, this is the time. I don’t want to be in my late thirties, looking back on 2012 and wondering “why oh why didn’t I live a little?” So I went to my hairdresser on Saturday and had the sides of my nape length hair shaved off, leaving only the top/middle section (yes, very girl with the dragon tattoo-esque). Result? One satisfied customer. Reactions? Completely unexpected. Most have been positive but I’ve received a few funny/odd one. The notable one so far are:

  • “(gasp) You are so brave! I could never do that to my hair!” (What do you say to that? Thanks?)
  • “You remind me of Gina Yashere.” (Great, I remind you of a black woman with short hair. Let’s forget that we look nothing alike!)
  • “Did we go back to the 1960s?” (What the hell?)
  • “You look like a South London gang member.” (This was from the same person who made the 1960s comment so he clearly went away to think about it and came back with what he assumed was a more acceptable comment. Not!) Continue reading