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Fairytale Fortnight Giveaway

I mentioned before that The Other Slipper would be involved in a giveaway for Fairytale Fortnight. Well, the details are finally up on Books From Bleh To Basically Amazing! You have to leave a comment on that site to enter but it’s a fairly easy question to answer. Good luck!

Fairytale Giveaway Hop – The Other Slipper

Interview and giveaway of The Other Slipper on Myne Whitman’s Blog, as part of Fairytale Giveaway Hop.

World Book Night – 23rd April 2012

Some of you might have read about my experience from World Book Night 2011 in my blog post Stop and Stare . Well, over a year has gone by (where did the time go?) and tonight is World Book Night 2012. A million copies of 25 books (click here for full book list) will be given away by volunteers in the UK, USA, Ireland and Germany. It appears the event has expanded since last year! I am not involved in giving away books this time – one night of shoving books in people’s faces outside a tube station is enough for me – but I thought I should mention the event this year so that people can look out for random people handing out books and empathise with them. They are FREE and there is no catch to taking them. All that is asked of you is to read them and pass on so that adult literacy is improved.

The book list is eclectic and ranges from romance classics like Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to new tales like Sophie Kinsella’s The Secret Dreamworld of A Shopaholic, from renowned horrors like Steven Kings’s Misery to funny fantasies like Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens (one of my favourites on the list). There is a Dahl book on there as well and an Ishiguro.   Continue reading

Westminster Writers’ Group in The Marylebone Journal

Cute little article in The Marylebone Journal on the writing group I co-run in London – Westminster Writers’ Group. Sadly I missed the session in the article. See page 24.


Fairytale Fortnight 2012

Faiytale Fortnight 2012 is upon us!

Hosted by three bloggers this year on The Book Rat, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing and A Backwards Story, the fortnight (April 15th to 30th 2012) is a celebration of all things fairytale. Guest blogs, book reviews and giveaways will be posted on the above named sites during this time. I am pleased to announce my involvement in the form of a giveaway of The Other Slipper (date to be confirmed). It might also get reviewed and I’ll post a link to this if that happens. In the meantime, if you’re interested in immersing yourself in the world of fairytales for a couple of weeks, visit daily and get involved!

Happy reading.

Short Story 18: Home

‘It’s freezing. Don’t the heaters work?’

‘I don’t like the heat.’

Darren shuddered and heaved a sigh. ‘It must get really lonely here.’

Peggy coughed into her white lace hanky and leaned forward to pick up the bowl of soup Darren’s wife had packaged. She hated tomato soup but Annette was such a nice girl.

‘Great soup, right?’

Peggy forced a smile and nodded as she slurped it up.

‘It would be nicer if you had someone to cook hot meals everyday and even nicer if you had people to share them with.’

‘You and Annette are moving in? That would be nice.’

Darren was caught off guard. ‘No Mother, we’re not moving in.’ Yet, he would have added but went on. ‘Have you given my little suggestion any thought since last time.’

‘What suggestion? My memory isn’t what it used to be.’ Continue reading

Author Interview of Kenechi Udogu by Cherese A. Vines

Following on from my first guest post on Shayna Gier’s blog yesterday, Once Upon A Twist, I was also interviewed by Cherese A. Vines (author of Countercharm and Three Weeks in May) on her blog today. Exciting week for me! See link below.