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What’s The Word for “Averter” in German?

Aversion opener_German

My blog posts this year continue to be sporadic (please accept my apologies) but it feels apt to share this with you in the week that Germany won the FIFA World Cup. Ready? Drum roll, please – Aversion, the first book in the Mentalist Series, is being translated into German by the very lovely and skillful Jana Kӧbel. Jana currently writes book and movie reviews in English and German on her blog and, with a degree in English Linguistic and Literature, she is branching out into translation services. I am really excited to be working with her on this as it is a first for both of us. The German translation will, hopefully, be ready for release in 2015.

At the moment we are running into unexpected but funny conundrums like finding the right word for Averter in German, seeing as there is no direct translation for the word. For fun, I typed in “My name is Gemma Green and I am an Averter” in Microsoft Word and got “Mein Name ist Gemma grün und ich bin ein Zaubermittel” which translates to Continue reading